HPT cooperates with partner ecosystem to build comprehensive, flexible solutions which harmonize industry speciality, meet all technology requirement consistently, centrally, logically.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

As the highest partner level of the leading IT manufacturers all over the world, HPT is capability to provide and integrate almost all of IT infrastructure solution such as Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Network, Video conference, Unified Communication and Database solution for enterprises and organizations.

Solutions for Finance - Banking

Timely assessing the trend of digital transformation, from the end of 2019, HPT's Board of Directors has adopted the Digital transformation strategy in corporate governance and especially in the direction of professional activities and business development. On that basis, specifying HPT's capacity in providing solutions and services related to the digital transformation of each industry sector, especially those in which HPT has strengths, capabilities and outstanding experience. This strategy has caught up with the growing trend of digital transformation of the world and the country as well as the actual needs of the market.

Currently, HPT has completely systemized all HPT solutions and services in a transparent, consistent structure in accordance with the digital transformation of the Banking and Finance industry (from HPT's perspective), in accordance with HPT's digital transformation approach and methodology in general. HPT is ready to go along with the digital transformation of banking industry to contribute to the nation's digital transformation, bringing practical and widespread benefits to society.

Database Solutions

With the explosion of information technology, database systems has become the important component in enterprises. Database is the foundation of application systems for manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer service …

Solutions for Governmental organizations

Being trusted by state agencies, HPT has participated in modernizing IT infrastructure as well as maintaining IT infrastructure for the Office of Government, Ministry of Finance, Department of Information and Communication of provinces, Provincial Tax Offices, State Treasury.

Security Solutions

HPT always expects to build a stable IT security systems, which ensure to bring the best business performance and also solve the problems of developing a new business model, enhance the competitive position of the business.

Solutions for Distributors

HPT provides software services and solutions for the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Help businesses improve efficiency in distribution management. Helps enterprises to more closely control and analyze more effectively the basic elements of distribution such as display, coverage, compliance of sales teams, Gift, POSM, etc.

With its reputation and professionalism, HPT has conquered major Distributors, further strengthening their success in the Vietnamese market with Microsoft Office 365 service solutions, Microsoft solutions including Windows platform, Windows Server, SQL Server and System Center, and many other Microsoft productivity products ... (VinGroup, Lotte Mart).

Software Solutions

With deeply capacity and experienced human resource, HPT is able to meet the requirements of customers in the most flexible way with many suitable options based on the criteria: Efficiency - Safety - Professional - Saving.

The software solutions provided by HPT are able to meet all requirements, being the reliable partner for investment projects, developing IT software of organizations and enterprises.

Solutions for Enterprises

Understanding the ever-increasing challenges that Enterprises face, HPT cooperates with leading IT partners to bring the manufacturing, service, comercial enterprises... advanced IT services to optimize operating costs, increase business efficiency.

Cloud Solutions

With competence, HPT is able to meet customers' requirements in the most flexible manner with many suitable options based on the criteria: "Efficiency - Safety - Professional - Economical" .

HPT has ability to consult and deploy Cloud solutions to optimize business and management systems for enterprises/ organizations.