Software Solutions


With deeply capacity and experienced human resource, HPT is able to meet the requirements of customers in the most flexible way with many suitable options based on the criteria: Efficiency - Safety - Professional - Saving.

The software solutions provided by HPT are able to meet all requirements, being the reliable partner for investment projects, developing IT software of organizations and enterprises.

Digital business solution

Compare digital transformation direction with over 25-year operational experience, HPT has the capability to consult and deploy digital business solution suites from software partners assessed and selected by HPT. HPT's goal is to promote the digital economy in Vietnam, accompanying enterprises/organizations in their digital transformation journey, enabling them to continue sustainable and successful development.

Business intelligence & analytics

The economic situation more volatile, intense competi- tion, optimization and development ... force the organization/business faced with many challenges and requires acumen, flexibility in management.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not simply a software solution. In full meaning, ECM is the system including strategies, methods and set of tools used to capture, manage, store and deliver all unstructured content (or information) of an organization to users, to other applications and to business processes of the organization.

Business Process Management solution (BPM)

Operating of business processes also has challenges which demand a flexible cooperation among functional departments to operate the business effectively, thoroughly, uninterruptedly, as well as ensure compliance, error & risk limitation.

Identity & Access management (IAM) solution

IAM solution allows enterprises to control fully the life cycle of an account of the system, from the beginning to the end of the user relationship.


HPT is HP Software Platinum partner in Vietnam, implements the best IT Services Management solution in Vietnam, has professional experts who have many international certificates about ITIL, v3, ITSM.