Solutions for Finance - Banking

According to the "National Digital Transformation Program to 2025, Orientation to 2030", there are 8 sectors and industries that need to be prioritized to digitally transform first. These are areas impact society, relate to people daily life. Emphasizing point of view in which people as the center of digital transformation, the Program clearly identifies that areas impacting society, relating to people daily life, changing perceptions quickly, effectively, helping cost savings, should be prioritized for digital transformation, including: Health, Education, Finance - Banking, Agriculture, Transport and Logistics, Energy, Natural Resources and Environment, Manufacturing (Source: CIO Vietnam). In particular, the Finance - Banking industry has many advantages because it has always been at the forefront of digitizing data, digitalizing operational processes compared to other industries, and if it is transformed prior that will bring far-reaching benefits to the whole society. 

Timely assessing the trend of digital transformation, from the end of 2019, HPT's Board of Directors has adopted the Digital transformation strategy in corporate governance and especially in the direction of professional activities and business development. On that basis, specifying HPT's capacity in providing solutions and services related to the digital transformation of each industry sector, especially those in which HPT has strengths, capabilities and outstanding experience. This strategy has caught up with the growing trend of digital transformation of the world and the country as well as the actual needs of the market.

Currently, HPT has completely systemized all HPT solutions and services in a transparent, consistent structure in accordance with the digital transformation of the Banking and Finance industry (from HPT's perspective), in accordance with HPT's digital transformation approach and methodology in general. HPT is ready to go along with the digital transformation of banking industry to contribute to the nation's digital transformation, bringing practical and widespread benefits to society.

Robotic Process Automation Solution (RPA)

Applying RPA successfully will mitigate business obstacles in business. RPA can “free up” human resource at the rate 20%-30% as well as mitigate risks in operation and enhance customer experience.

Datawarehouse (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Data warehouse (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) are technology solutions that support banking management. Implementing data integration from applications, BI provides a system for generating reports and analyzes for administration. Thanks to the comprehensive and multi factor analysis of BI, business decisions will be effective, timely, and more strategic. Therefore, the bank has more capacity to be active in competition and development.

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is not simply a software solution. In full meaning, ECM is the system including strategies, methods and set of tools used to capture, manage, store and deliver all unstructured content (or information) of an organization to users, to other applications and to business processes of the organization.

Business Process Management

BPM (Business Process Management) is the solution to help organizations optimize and standardize business processes. By helping organizations and businesses make the best use of information and data available in management and operation; establish user-friendly rules; Set process-oriented workflow and flexibility for different user groups.

Identity & Access management

Identity and Access Management - IDM provides an integrated and integrated security platform designed to manage user identities, administer user provisioning, and secure access to resources in the information system and support to meet the security principles on the system in any organization.