HPT Products

From 2020, HPT becomes Science-technology enterprise and accelerates developing technology products for digital transformation of government, organizations and enterprises.

SAALEM - Smart Automatic and Analytic Lending Management

Relating to credit operation, most of Core bank preforms the task in for loans which are approved. Bank staffs input data into core bank system for accounting, interest calculating, and debt collecting after it gets paid. This method does not meet the requirement of credit management and tracking from loan appraisal to approval, to payment and finally debt collecting. In this context, from a commercial bank perspective, SAALEM is dedicated for lending lifecycle processes. 


HPT SmartNOC – Highly Customizable and Comprehensive IT System Monitoring Solution

Recognized as an intelligent doctor, SmartNOC can easily and quickly provide all the features listed above, play an essential role in assisting the IT manager to the fullest, reduce time spent monitoring, detecting, alerting, searching, and fixing system incidents, and allow us to focus on the most critical parts, such as system optimization and development.


Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System helps manufacturers, retails, importers/ exporters, 3PLs and e-commerce companies operate warehouse effectively, efficiently, profitably.

HPT Cyber Intelligence

The HCINT - HPT Cyber Intelligence platform is a knowledge system that provides a huge database of cyber threats, collected from actual attacks into IOC - Indicator of Compromise, and new attack campaigns, malicious code, security news, security vulnerabilities, darkweb... This allows organizations to proactively update information, enrich events and integrate into solutions security to implement proactive prevention. The Threat Intelligence source from HCINT is automatically collected from many reputable organizations, individuals and private groups around the world as well as analyzed and researched by HPT experts.


HCapollo - Cyber security monitoring and alert solution

HPT SIEM HCapollo is the security solution designed to do that, helping professionals and leaders get a comprehensive and focused security picture across the entire organization.

HCriffin – Network monitoring

HCriffin is a security solution that helps detect APT attack in the network system, including sensors that monitor and alert about attacks on the organization's network layer. The solution is capable of monitoring network traffic in real time and analyzing packets to give alerts about malicious behavior, application and service vulnerabilities exploitation targeting the organization's system.


HPT Mavex – Threat hunting solution

The HPT Mavex is a software product suite that provides a Threat Hunting platform based on specialized modules that perform analysis of Windows components. The system is built on a Cloud-based model, deployed in the form of agentless to perform threat hunting on each server, the results are collected into the display on a simple, user-friendly interface.


A comprehensive solution providing useful tools to:
- Plan and budget management
- Procurement and investment management
- Asset lifecycle management
- Specialized maintenance management