Mr. Ngo Vi Đong


Was born: 1958

Contributing time with HPT Vietnam Corp.: since 1995

Mr. Ngo Vi Dong graduated from The Polytechnics University of the city of Donetsk, Ukraine in 1982, System Technologies specialization at the Electronic Computer Department.  He was in positions of technical expert and Board of Directors of technological leading companies in Vietnam before establishing HPT.

In 1995 he and some IT experts founded HPT Vietnam Corporation and was in charge of Chairman and CEO to 2010.

From 2011 to now Mr. Ngo Vi Dong is the Chairman of HPT Vietnam Corporation.

From the beginning of establishment of HPT (1995) to now, Mr. Ngo Vi Dong keeps struggling to build and lead HPT through its development stages. He and his co-founders have been building HPT as IT leading company in Vietnam, that develops stably, grows revenue and profit, masters technologies and services, brings many physical and mental values to staff, shareholders, creates reputation with customers, partners and community.

Mr. Ngo Vi Dong also took part in leading positions of industry associations, actively contributes to development of IT industry and of community. Mr. Ngo Vi Dong was awarded many awards and merits of Government, associations and recognized as "Saigon remarkable entrepreneur".

Mrs. Dinh Ha Duy Trinh

Chief of Finance Committee

Was born: 1968

Contributing time with HPT Vietnam Corp.: since 1995

Mrs. Dinh Ha Duy Trinh graduated with excellent grade from the University of Economics of HCM City in 1991. Besides, she participated in other short-term training courses on finance management and administration such as HR Management, Strategy Management, Financial Report Analysis, Leadership Psychology, etc. Before joining HPT, Mrs. Dinh Ha Duy Trinh has worked as Chief Accountant at big companies.

Joined HPT at the beginning days of establishment, she was in charge of Chief Accountant, Vice Director, Vice General Director. Currently, she is the Vice-Chairman and Chief of Finance Committee of HPT Corporation.

During 28 years of contributing, she is the leader and the one who build the base and preserve the stable financial system of HPT. Besides, she is the representative who participates in building quality control proccesses of HPT during HPT applies ISO quality management system from 2000.

With contribution to development of HPT corporation, in 2010, Mrs. Dinh Ha Duy Trinh was awarded certificate of merit of Ho Chi Minh People’s Committee President for well fullfilment of duties for years.

She always actively participates in community activities.

Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh

Vice-Chairman & CEO 

Was born: 1970

Contributing time with HPT Vietnam Corp.: since 1995

He was a Lecturer of Electronics at the Physics Department in the HCMC University, now called The University of Natural Sciences due to excellent graduation in 1991. He is one of co-founders of HPT. During 25 years of building HPT, he was in charge of many different roles: technical staff, account manager, manager, Center Director, Vice-General Director, General Director (CEO).

He made great contribution to human resource development, orientation, organization and operation of sales and technical activities, expansion of international partnership. System integration is the main field of HPT and also the field in which Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh had great achivement. HPT System Integration Center under his leadership from the very new start was becoming leading sales and technology unit, creating reputation of HPT and keeping growing sustainably during company operation. He also actively participated in developing important markets such as Hanoi and overseas market. Besides, he contributed in building management system, corporate culture actively and effectively, enhanced brand and reputaion of HPT.

From 2011 up to now, he is in charge of General Director (CEO), becoming direct operation leader of company, fulfilling mission “ Building HPT to become the leading technology company in providing solutions and services of ICT, software development and integrating other advanced technologies."

In 2014 and 2020 he was recognized as "Ho Chi Minh City remarkable entrepreneur".

From July 2023, he officially holds the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and concurrently serves as the CEO of HPT Company.

Mrs. Han Nguyet Thu Huong

Member of Board of Directors
Chief of Investment Committee

Was born: 1970

Contributing time with HPT Vietnam Corp.: since 1995

Mrs. Han Nguyet Thu Huong graduated from Foreign Tradefaculty, Hanoi Foreign TradeUniversity in 1991.

From the beginning of establishment of HPT, she was one of initiators and actively contributed to form and improve processes in quality management in order to continuously optimize and standardize company operation. Mrs. Huong was one of first members who formed standard and professional business administration base of HPT during first days.

She was in charge of building Hanoi Branch, establishing administration base for key branch of HPT developing strongly until now. HPT Corporation was given investment permission for project HPT Research and Application of IT Media Institute at High technology zone of Ho Chi Minh City by Mrs. Huong’s submission as Chief of Investment Committee.

She also implemented successfully change and standardization of HPT brand identity system and created monthly internal newspaper named Hotnews, which is the internal relation tool reserved until now.

Now, she also takes responsibility of Director of HPT Training Center  to plan and execute staff training, coaching and consults general human resource management. 

Mr. Nguyen Quyen

Member of Board of Directors
Deputy CEO

Was born: 1975

Time of company joining: 18 years

Mr. Nguyen Quyen graduated with good grade from the University of Co-ordination of HCM City (now called the University of Natural Sciences HCM City), Electronics specialization of Physics Department.

He joined HPT from the beginning days of establishment and made great contribution in implementing successfully big IT application projects for key customers of HPT, and developed HPT technical human resource. 

He took many key positions such as COO, Vice Director of HSI, CIO...

Currently, he is in charge of Board of Directors member and Deputy CEO.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Tien

Member of Board of Directors

Was born: 1950

Time of company joining: 20 years

Graduated fromFaculty of Physics, University of Republic of Azecbaizan (Russia) in 1974 and completed Ph.D. thesis of chemistry specialized physical chemistry at Russia academic science institue at Siber. From 1990 he has been working at Applied material scientific institute, belonging to Vietnam Science and Technology center.

Recently, he is member of HPT Board of Directors. He is the important shareholder of HPT from the beginning of establishment.

Mr.Tran Anh Hoang

Member of Board of Directors

Was born: 1976

Time of company joining: 7 years

Graduated from University of Architecture in 1999 and received Master of Business Administration of Houston University, USA in 2005.

Currently, he he holds CEO position of Satico Investment and Distribution joint stock company, Chairman of Aplus Mineral and Material joint stock company and member of Supervisory board of Dalat real estate joint stock company.

He joined HPT from 2007 as Member of Board of Directors.