Designed as a part of the construction plan of HPT building in the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City, HPT's garden ground is divided into several zones reasonably, groups varieties of plants from shade trees, fruittrees, flowers, aquariums and especially a dedicated zone forvegetable, fruitbeds, and self-incubated seedlings.


Hotnews and my Grandparents

From the magazine, they know my work status, my activities, my company. Moreover, they happily express their feelings about my writings, and other writings. So, although thinking that I am not a good writer, I try my best to write a lot of writings for Hotnews to go along with the beloved magazine and to make my Grandparents happy.

QTSC step by step "moves to cloud" with HPT

All experiences I gained after this project were not only technology knowledge but also implementation experience. The most important thing was unification, teamwork spirit, patience within challenges. "A hundred mile journey starts with a step" - I hope all of us as HPTers still keep moving forward with spirit "overcome obstacle, innovate, determine, execute" (*) during next development journey.

Today, I "come back home"

Mr Dai said "No where is better than "our home"".  Each of us considers HAS as a place for not only working but also living with colleagues and friends, second family in a cozy atmosphere.

That's the way Hanoi Branch welcome HPTer from...

It is such a great occasion that I can learn and work among HPTers from Headquarter.