In the heart of the city, HPT Headquarters welcomes you with the tenderness of smooth green spaces. With a total campus of 12,000m2, surrounding the three-storey building is a garden of more than 10,000m2; that’s why HPT owns an ideal space for nature and does not have to squeeze between office buildings anymore.

Designed as part of the construction plan of HPT building in the High-Tech Park of Ho Chi Minh City, HPT's garden ground is divided into several zones reasonably, groups varieties of plants from shade trees, fruittrees, flowers, aquariums and especially a dedicated zone forvegetable, fruitbeds, and self-incubated seedlings.

The area of shade trees is arranged at the façade fence and the fence behind the office, such as: Taiwan terminalia catappa, breadfruits that promised to be high and shady. The vines are planted along the railing corridor, which are led from the ground floor to the second floor, now become both shady and blossomed. Fruit trees such as water apple, kumquat, mango, otaheite apple, etc., are planted around the center of the back yard and near the aquarium. They are full of fruits and always be harvested.

The main entrance area and around the walking corridor of the square are planned to plant flowers, such as frangipani flower, yellow bells, leucophyllum frutescens, heliconia psittacorum, etc., each flower has a different shape and size, with different beauty, color, scent.

The rear campus is dedicated to plant fruits and vegetables which can be harvested in short term. From the end of February 2020, the Finance Department – HO – has quietly dug vegetable beds and collected each seed, each bag of soil, sack of straw… to form a green vegetable garden in the backyard of HPT building. Although they are not genuine farmers; with their love for nature, the dream of creating more green space, peaceful for everyone, facilitating daily life with organic vegetables... It such a great effort of them to maintain this beautiful vegetable garden of the HPT family in the Hi-Tech Park. The vegetable garden of the Finance Department received the attention and support of the Board of Directors, the Board of Executives, and the contribution of all members of the Headquarters is now continuing to be invested to maintain a green space for HPT members to express their love of nature, share joyful moments and fresh green fruits.

Cultivated vegetables: passion fruit, tonkin creeper, gourd, sponge gourd, mustard greens, green mustard, white radish, spinach, lettuce, amaranth, water spinach, green onion, tomato, winter melon, chili pepper, coriander, eggplant, cucumber, pumpkin, bitter gourd.

This is a modest graden but full of care and meaning because many members of HPT have spent time and thinking, care and effort to maintain and develop the garden more and more green. Each time we walk into HPT building we can feel a breeze of nature, a fresh and pure atmosphere to work and enjoy.

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