QTSC step by step "moves to cloud" with HPT

"Come out to social life with 2 hands, I have only desires as felows everyday" was the first statement in my favourite song My dream composed by Nguyen Hoang Duy. This was my real feeling when Mr Nam LNH assigned implementation the Cloud project for QTSC with my team mate - Mr Qua PLA at the end of June 2019. Maybe you can question why I joined HPT in August 2019 but started project in June 2019... Is there any mistake? The answer will be shown at the end of this writing.

Continue with my project, this was my first project and first working days at HPT. Mr Qua PLA was Project Manager, and my loyal supervisor for consultancy, brainstorming. As his share, this project started 3 years ago and came through many conversations, meetings on solutions among harsh competition of well known System Integrators such as NetApp, VMware, Cisco; with involvement of Cisco Advanced Services1... From end of June to beggining of July 2019, as QTSC permission, HPT rented 3 servers Dell R630 located at QTSC Datacenter to serve for new cloud system demonstration. Mr Qua PLA and project implementation management of customer completed basic component configuration. He assigned me to connect these components to build a unified system, 4 templates, for infrastructure service providing, so called IaaS; Phuc NM was in charge of SRM implementation (VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager) for QTSC DC-DR.

About solution we selected to build for QTSC, this used VMware virtual technology with combination of well known products as vSphere2, vCenter3, vRA4, NSX5, SRMthat created a muilti, flexible, high available cloud. VRA (vRealize Automation) and NSX (Network Security Virtualization Platform) were new products of VMware that I had no experience to approach and implement. So, besides demonstration building at QTSC, Mr Qua PLA installed lab system with smaller size at HPT office to simulate the solution for testing, experimenting, developing each component before deploying on demonstration at QTSC. I remembered clearly the figure 119 that meant deployment times I tested the first blueprint7of template 1. The number had many stories. Issues occurred during deployment made me think to give up some times, or I was stuck with new handling solution, with many studies to figure out my mistakes, with many feedbacks but not optimized solution. What happened must be happened, "patience supports unwise man" came to real, a small revision in script and workflow helped me to overcome obstacle at the 119 deployment. After well noting the steps, I deployed this blueprint on QTSC demo. During this some small issues occurred due to network and firewall, blueprint operated smoothly with great support from QTSC team. 

After completing the first blueprint, I executed demonstration of management features of vRA, explained how services work, especially showed QTSC system administration team how we create many virtual machines automatically with just a mouse click, quickly but precisely and consistently.

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