Hotnews and my Grandparents

At HPT, we publish an internal magazine named Hotnews quarterly, which contains rich information of our work, business activities, corporate updates, and specially emotions within sharing, company outing, some poems after work.

Relating to write something for Hotnews, maybe best fit or not, I would like to share special interest and love from my Grandparents to this magazine. And from that interest they love HPT people a lot even though there is no face to face meeting yet. My Grandparents are just an elder couple in a small countryside region with no connection to technology (HPT industry).

My Grandparents are 78 years old now. They were born in Saigon but moved to Tien Giang province until now due to internal rebellions. In the past they worked in publishing. This is the reason why after a long time working on farms they still are interested in newspapers. They follows news on TV and newspapers everyday, every week.

The first Hotnews they read was the March 2019 publication. This time I went home and brought it along. Then, I brought Hotnews along every time I went to my hometown so my Grandparents could join reading with me. We cannot connect my Grandparents via smartphones, computers while working due to their difficulties in using high tech devices. And Hotnews helps me somehow to be close to my beloved Grandparents. From the magazine, they know my work status, my activities, my company. Moreover, they happily express their feelings about my writings, and other writings. So, although thinking that I am not a good writer, I try my best to write a lot of writings for Hotnews to go along with the beloved magazine and to make my Grandparents happy.

In January 2020, HPT published a book for 25th Anniversary named “25 years of HPT – Journey and Dream”. I got one for some writings I have contributed to this book. I wrapped carefully and brought along my ride to hometown. This book contains hundreds or writings, thousands of pages, but my Grandparents read through all. My mother said that Grandparents sitting for a long while to read hours to hours with great interest. Meanwhile, I have not read all yet although I am a HPT member. They also gave feedbacks:

“The writing named Rushing time of Ms Tram is so attractive. The recruiting in this writing is so tough. Is you job tough like that?”

“Ms Thanh Huyen must be a romantic girl. Her tone is so sweet.”

“How funny are you. Writings of Mr Lam, Mr Dat made us laugh a lot.”


“It’s so great that all members of your company write for this book”

When they read my writing:

“How strange is your paragraph”

“Wow, you mentioned our hometown, it would be great if you add more pictures”

….and other thousands of compliments that I cannot remember.

One day I brought home Picture book named Colorful HPT and showed my Grandparents my managers, my colleagues: “This sister, this brother whose writing that you like most”, “This man helps me take pictures for my writing”. Our happiness on weekend never end.

When Hotnews Online was launched, I was so worried that paper version stops publishment meaning I cannot bring home Hotnews for my Grandparents. Luckily, printing Hotnews continues serving readers with nice publications.

I promised someday I will write on Hotnews how much you like this newspaper, and my colleagues will know how far Hotnews can reach to people.

Moreover, through this writing, I wish HPT members will Contribute more writings, pictures to Hotnews. Through this, HPT culture will be maintained through our words. I also wish that not only my family but also other families of HPT members love Hotnews, to continue Hotnews development.

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