That's the way Hanoi Branch welcome HPTer from Headquarter

It is such a great occasion that I can learn and work among HPTers from Headquarter. More than that, we understand that this occasion is the best moment for gathering, Love, Care, enjoying music, teasing and "Cheer" together.
"People, we are going to welcome HPTers from Headquarter, what should we prepare?". Right away a "Welcome Board" was built. Each of us shared a task for a "traditional occasion"..."no time to say goodbye", or at least "leave but must be back... to Hanoi Branch".
And, you also want to know more about how does a "welcome meeting" happen, don't you? It yes, it just takes some minutes to know...
"Welcome Board" fixed the schedule for gathering at 18h30' and... everybody was late. So, when 19h00' we showed up all and had a snack from Ms Van. Then we quickly organized teams for a Bowling competition.
When the hunger was gone, we announced meaning of the "special hangout". So the first phase started. We moved to Star Bowling for a fight among 4 teams: Team 1 with Van (Captain), Quoc Dung, Canh Nam; Team 2 with Thuan Linh (Captain), Dung (Van's husband), Tuan Binh; Team 3 with Thao Nhu (Thao's daughter, Captain), Hiep (trainee), Minh Duc; Team 4 with Cam Le (Captain), Huong (Thuan Linh's friend), The Vinh.
Because 4 Captains were equally strong, it lasted to the end of the game to find 2 teams for final competition. The other 2 teams had to fight for the worst prize (penalty of 100,000 VND). Everybody was thirsty to die after competing, cheering, but the Board did not allow for a break or even a drink with the reason saving money for the next phases (reasonable reason). Then, after a tough fighting, Team 3 deserved to receive the best prize with a score which is double to that of the next team (Team 2). Team 1 had to be pleased with the penalty 100,000 VND. People commented that the winner may get luck, but the loser was fair due to leakage of unity, Captain blaming. Team 4 was unhappy because of ranking after Team 2 - the team with a member playing bowling as killing a pig (how Mr Tran Minh Duc described the playing style of Thuan Linh).
At this moment, all of us shared a common thinking that we should move to somewhere for the dinner, or we could miss the next phases. And it must come to the second phase right after that. We rushed to a pavement kiosk for a seafood hotpot at Phung Hung corner. Because we were so tired and hungry, the way we enjoyed hotpot pleased the owner a lot. Ms Van was so aggressive for being picked some food by the other due to her hunger. At last, all of us were pleased for the delicious meal.
When the clock was 22h30', we still wanted to stay, so the third phase was encouraged to happen. Only Ms Thao said no because of little child and the reason "seniority". People led to karaoke station next to our Branch. After settling, our voices quickly raised. Although we shouted a lot during bowling fighting, we did not hesitate to fight again for the microphone to show our talent. Only Mr Vinh did not sing a song nor encourage anybody (it seemed that he was thinking for the next phase...). We supposed to last the show overnight if Mr Canh Nam did not insist to go home.  
It was about 0h30', Hanoi was a little cold, the corner slept quietly, we hardly said goodbye, end a joyful "team building meeting". It was such a happy and relaxed moment after hard working days. We were pleased with the time playing, eating, singing as we desired.

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