Datawarehouse (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Data warehouse (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) are technology solutions that support banking management. Implementing data integration from applications, BI provides a system for generating reports and analyzes for administration. Thanks to the comprehensive and multi factor analysis of BI, business decisions will be effective, timely, and more strategic. Therefore, the bank has more capacity to be active in competition and development.

DWH and BI bring benefits:
Managing the process of accomplishing business goals effectively:
- Banking leaders have a comprehensive, immediate, accurate view of the performance, performance indicators of the whole system.
- The management has specific and strict basis to timely adjust, urge operation, make business decisions.
- Quickly grasp new developments to timely review operational strategies.

Increased operational efficiency through multi factor perspective and the ability to deepen, link the related issues:
- Maintain customer relationships, increase sales from old customers thanks to cross-sell / up-sell, reduce the cost of finding new customers thanks to the ability to find the right prospect.
- Optimizing operational processes: financial management, business management, supply chain, marketing, human resources management.
- Risk management.
- Increasing competitive advantage
- Market intelligence and customer and behavioral patterns: increased revenue / profit, reduced cost / risk

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