Business intelligence & analytics


The economic situation more volatile, intense competi- tion, optimization and development ... force the organization/business faced with many challenges and requires acumen, flexibility in management. Using IT in business is now essential and being deployed such as:
  • Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP
  • Core Banking
  • Customer Relationship Management – CRM
  • Distribution Management System – DMS
  • Supply Chain Management – SCM
With those applications, enterprises has solve the opera- tion management. But there is still business management that need to be solved such as:

  • Support business decision making effectively based on information basis
  • Through a panoramic view about the current status of activities, avoid the passive voice in the formulation and assessment business process monitoring
  • Ineffective in responding to requests for information / report reduced performance.
  • Understanding the situation, Business Intelligence – Advanced Analytics (BI&A) was developed to support enterprises in management. Along with all the world class ICT, HPT has the ability to become the top BI&A provider in Vietnam.


Business Intelligence & Analytics is the solution support for management. Integrated from business data, BI&A provide report and analytic system for management in a new effcient way. Due to its overall and multi aspects, BI&A helps quick decision making process and effciency.

BI&A infrastructure

  • Data from application system source integrated and transferred in to BI&A storage
  • Use report/analyze tools to access BI&A data, create reports/dashboard/analyze for common use
  • User can see the report/analyze and easy to new create a report/analyze for personal use


The organizations/businesses of all sectors has equipped business applications can use BI&A system to enhance capacity and performance.

  • Business process management:
  • Manager can have the overlook quickly and accurately about business status, performance of the system
  • Management has the clear base for adjust and hushing the business
  • Quickly keep up with the economics for suitable strategy.
  • Increase the performance:
  • Keep in touch with customers, increase profit by cross-sell/up-sell and reduce cost.
  • Optimize business processes, financial manage- ment, business management, supply chain, marketing and human resource.
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  • Competitive:
  • Knowing the market, customer: increase profit, decrease cost/risk
  • Optimize the human resource.
  • Trend forecast.


With commitments to customers , HPT will bring you :
  • The survey services , tuning and consultation of IT projects in different areas of BI & A
  • Customize and deploy services
  • Training and technology transfer services
  • Technical support and system maintenance    

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