Business Process Management solution (BPM)


During operation, business management processes require a large volume of information as well as involvement of multiple departments in the organization. The volume of paper and the backup cost, time to search and restore the document require organization an effective, safe approach to get and transfer information. Operating of business processes also has challenges which demand a flexible cooperation among functional departments to operate the business effectively, thoroughly, uninterruptedly, as well as ensure compliance, error & risk limitation.

Solution Introduction

BPM (Business Process Management) is the solution helping organizations to optimize and standardize business processes. By helping organizations and businesses use perfectly information and available data in management and operation; establish user-friendly rules; set process-oriented and flexible workflows for different user groups, BPM has been:

  • Helping organizations to improve processes, optimize processes, and develop computerized processes in a scientific and effective way. The workflows are designed to help organizations and businesses save resources, costs as well as transaction processing time, lead services of the organization to customer orientation.
  • Providing a collaborative environment for coordination of various departments and divisions of the organization.
  • Assisting organizations and enterprises in setting up business rules, SLA, and KPI aligned with the policies and guidelines of organizations and enterprises, while still ensuring the management capability as well as flexible changes when necessary.
  • Assisting organizations and enterprises in building flexible and appropriate task assignment.

    BPM consists of 4 important components:


    BPM allows creating and developing processes more effectively with high computerization and support for each role in organization involved in product/ service development.

    BPM value expresses through 3 factors: Performance, Efficiency, and Flexibility:

    HPT competency

    • More than 22 years of experience in IT field, HPT is one of the leading Software Integration Services Provider in Vietnam.
    • HPT is a long-term and reliable partner of IBM, Oracle, with a team of experienced engineers specified in BPM, who are well-trained with international certification. The process of providing solutions and services is strictly managed through ISO9001, ISO 27001, CMMi standards.
    • HPT has experience in consulting and implementation for many important customers, using many products of the world's leading suppliers such as IBM, Software AG, Oracle, such as:

    +  Military Bank - MBBank: The BPM (Software AG) implementation project, combined with ECM and ESB solutions for MBBank, is one of the first process management projects in Vietnamese bank sector. It is also a large scale and complex project. HPT cooperated with prestigious IT partners to deploy successfully the project in 2015 and expand project in the coming years.

    + Asia Commercial Bank - ACB: A bank that is in the process of transition, computerization strongly with the ambitious Digitalization project, where the deployment of BPM (IBM) combined with ECM is an important chain towards the computerization and improvement of the whole business process. HPT has been selected and worked with the team of engineers and funtional employees of ACB to implement this project from the end of 2016.

    + Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank - OCB: With the aspiration to become one of the leading commercial joint stock banks in Vietnam, the project BPM (IBM), ECM and ESB brings many expectations and challenges. This is the foundation for OCB's IT system in the coming years. HPT and partners were selected by OCB to implement this project from May 2017.

    + Vietnam International Bank - VIB: As one of the pioneers in the trend of digitalization, VIB planned BPM (Oracle) project for a long time. HPT was selected by VIB to coordinate with VIB and partners to implement the project from the end of 2016.

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