Hotnews 133

Dear Readers,

Hotnews Issue 133 was released in mid-August 2023, as HPT has passed more than 4 months of the 2023 fiscal year with many important activities and events.

One of the annual events of HPT since it became a public company is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of HPT in 2023 was held in July 2023 with many contents being approved at the Meeting, the most prominent of which is that HPT has a new Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors - Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh and the "ESOP Stock Issuance Plan for Employees (ESOP) in 2023". The contents of the General Assembly were summarized and posted in the Uni HPT section of Hotnews Issue 133 and on HPT's communication channels.

With the assessment that 2023 is an extremely difficult year, right from the beginning of the 2023 fiscal year, the company's management board has had regular directives in weekly Executive Board meetings to keep abreast of customers and markets to have timely solutions. Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh - Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO also shared an article about the requirements from the management board for all company employees to change their awareness and working methods to adapt to the new situation, helping HPT overcome difficulties to complete the 2023 target. In parallel with this is the organization of the Management Conference, the Business Unit meeting to share important information in the operation of HPT. Details of these events have been summarized and shared in the Management and Business section of Hotnews Issue 133. Especially, in this Management section, the Hotnews Editorial Board also summarized all online communication channels of HPT to share with all company employees and readers.

As usual, the News section updates information about the company's activities in the first 4 months of 2023, the Technical Technology and Community sections share articles about HPT's solutions, products, and services and project implementation experiences.

One of HPT's annual traditional cultural activities is the summer vacation trip. This year, the summer vacation trip was organized by the centers and HO within the unit, according to a schedule that is suitable for the activities of each unit. Although organized individually, the summer vacation still has a strong HPT identity through the images and articles shared in the Sports, Culture, and Life section of Hotnews Issue 133.

And one activity that cannot be mentioned, that is the charity activity organized by HPT throughout the first half of 2023 in both the South and North. Reading the articles from authors sharing their emotions through trips and charity activities, we see that one of the 5 core values of HPT, "Humanity - Harmony", has become the "HPT quality" in each HPT-er. We are proud that HPT is a big family with a generous heart and full of love. This humanistic value has been and is being spread throughout nearly 3 decades since HPT was founded and will certainly be continued forever in HPT's development journey.

The Editorial Board hopes that Hotnews Issue 133 will convey many interesting and useful information to readers.