Hotnews 132

Dear Readers,

Hotnews Issue 132, the first issue of the 2023 fiscal year of HPT, is being sent to you, our dear readers!

At the end of the 2022 fiscal year, HPT achieved very impressive results. In terms of economic indicators, although some centers did not reach 100% of the plan, the relatively high rate of reaching and exceeding the plan of the remaining centers helped HPT Company to overachieve the economic targets in 2022: revenue reached 1,172 billion dong, exceeding 17% of the plan, increasing by 45% compared to 2021; Net profit reached 26.5 billion dong, exceeding 6% of the plan, increasing by nearly 8% compared to 2021. In particular, for the first time in 28 years, HPT exceeded the 1,000 billion dong turnover milestone, joining the club of thousand-billion enterprises. In addition, HPT also successfully implemented the goals on products, solutions, services, developing new customers, administrative tasks, cultural and movement activities... The detailed contents were presented in the 2022 summary and 2023 plan of the entire company.

With the slogan for 2023 "Unity Overcome Difficulties - Sustainable Growth", the Board of Directors and the General Director's Board have had strategic goals and specific plans shared through interviews with Mr. Ngo Vi Dong, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh, CEO of HPT in the Uni section of Hotnews Issue 132, helping all employees of the company understand clearly to work together to successfully implement the common goals.

As the "opening issue" for the 2023 fiscal year, with the support of the authors, Hotnews Issue 132 has complete articles in all sections. Sharing about the "ITO" profession; about the memories of engineers during implementation; the joy of achieving professional certificates; the happiness of winning the award for an excellent unit... in the "Community" section are enough to make the HPTer's hearts beat. The sharing of the new head of the business department of the center (HSI) and the Head of the Partner Management Department (HO); the application of technology to manage legal issues in quotations in the "Business" section; the experiences of participating in the construction of online lectures in the "Management" section; along with other news and articles in the "News", "Science and Technology", and "Culture and Life" sections...

Hotnews Issue 132, with its full of articles, information, and images, helps HPTer understand that the success of HPT in 2022 and many years ago is not natural, it is the effort of each individual, the collective, the unity, and the sharing of experiences and knowledge to help the HPT brand grow stronger and more sustainable.

The Hotnews editorial board would like to thank all the authors who, despite being very busy with the summary and planning work at the end of the fiscal year, still took the time to write articles, answer interviews for Hotnews Issue 132, as well as accompany Hotnews online and Hotnews printed version - the internal communication channel, the beloved spiritual child of HPT.

We wish you all good health. Wish HPT a successful and smooth new fiscal year 2023.


On behalf of the editorial board,