HPT SmartNOC – Highly Customizable and Comprehensive IT System Monitoring Solution


Due to the breakdown and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become the main factor for many enterprises to promote their business infrastructure from a long-existing on-premises to a more modern platform with digital transformation. The ability of fast-applicable technology to increase customer experience and interaction, along with optimal procedures and digitalizing business model transition, has caused tremendous pressure on IT system infrastructure.

The ability to instantly monitor system health and support IT system infrastructure will immediately become a top-notch consideration for many IT administration teams. A tool that can constantly monitor and analyze the whole system, from hardware to software, as well as its services, providing precise information instantly, focusing, and intervening to prevent fatal loopholes. From there, the tool can automatically analyze and deliver suggestions to maintain the system's workflow.

Monitoring enterprise it systems is in high demand


Recognized as an intelligent doctor, SmartNOC can easily and quickly provide all the features listed above, play an essential role in assisting the IT manager to the fullest, reduce time spent monitoring, detecting, alerting, searching, and fixing system incidents, and allow us to focus on the most critical parts, such as system optimization and development.

Based on the infamous Zabbix open source, created by Alexei Vladishev and now being developed and supported by the Zabbix SIA organization, Zabbix was developed under the General Public License GPL version 2 copyright. Zabbix provides various methods to serve the sole purpose of monitoring and alerting everything in an enterprise IT infrastructure. Strive for a comprehensive IT surveillance solution, aiming for better measurement and quality assurance in IT service, application, and business alignment. SmartNOC is a highly versatile platform that can quickly deploy on not one but various business models to detect and alert instantly through multiple efficiency channels, which allows integrate-interact and automatically operate of numerous operating systems while at the same time making sure confidential information remains intact provided by the HPT service.

Extreme Highlighted SmartNOC Feature

All-in-one managing web interface. With SmartNOC, reports and logs became even more straightforward yet intuitive.

With a popular open-source protocol and an extensive API, SmartNOC gives administrative supervisors access to every detail, from hardware to software from various manufacturers through a single UI.

Assist in establishing sets consisting of different alerts, components, and thresholds, giving administrators a better look at how well the system’s current health is and timely alerts even from outside the system environment. Monitoring system health and detecting fatal errors helps SmartNOC deliver suitable solutions to shorten processing time.

SmartNOC Dashboard

Programmed with automation procedures along with integrate-interact capability, SmartNOC can quickly assist system administrators in deploying use case scenarios to detect and resolve fatal errors automatically. With this highlight feature, the system administrator group will no longer have to spend many hours repeating the same process repeatedly. Instead, the team will focus more on more critical and in-depth tasks.

Deploy proxies to different branches to help centralize distributed IT systems (for instance, data center and host servers at office branches). This proxy feature can drastically reduce interruption between data transfer and the central monitor server.

Intuitive Distributed Network User Interface

Providing information consistently and transparently helps to establish a deep bond between the administrator and the individual system component. Common IT system managing software can be classified as ticket systems or service desks due to their deep integration capability into various systems via APIs. HPT SmartNOC identifies incident information relating to which manager or group of teams to automatically create and send requests for further action with high accuracy.
Requests and notifications can all be performed throughout multiple channels like email, SMS, and some OTT applications can be listed as Viber, Telegram, and iMessage. HPT SmartNOC also supports a warning level if the incidents have not been resolved after a period.
Statistics, evaluation, and forecasting of IT system performance are all supported. 

MongoDB Database Statistic

HPT SmartNOC is equipped with comprehensive monitoring capability (from infrastructure to services and applications), along with highly customizable report, focus on applications and services, and HPT SmartNOC acts as a great helper, assisting the IT teams in evaluating and measuring IT service quality, user experience, the impact on the business intuitively, and flexible response to business change.

HPT SmartNOC was developed based on open source, which helps enterprises reduce initial investment costs by saving software licenses. HPT also brings various solutions and flexible services to meet diverse customer demands, from the simplest to the most sophisticated issues, to meet every customer's business model demands.

HPT SmartNOC may include one or more components for model infrastructure and IT system diversification: 

SmartNOC Deployment Model

SmartNOC Server (Recommended): A centralized setup that  connects system administrators, retrieves information, and is surrounded by client agents.

Proxy (Optional): A server used to manage remote branch systems. Information will be retrieved and processed from the proxy and transit back to the SmartNOC Server.

Agent (Optional): Compact software, installed on servers, collects specialized data to be monitored and sent back to SmartNOC Server or carries out missions to enforce pre-built scenarios sent from SmartNOC Server.


1. Solution package

With this setup, HPT will provide software and installation and establish administrative parameters following on-demand and transfer technology. It is crucial for the customer to have a well-prepared infrastructure to deploy HPT SmartNOC.

2. Feature and Monitoring Service (Monitoring as a Service)

HPT SmartNOC is a flexible leasing service model, aiming to minimize investment costs and operate for the customers' monitoring service and whole rental system monitoring:

HPT will place a SmartNOC Proxy device on the customer infrastructure and create a secure connection to the HPT SmartNOC monitoring platform. Customers can perform administration tasks and monitor their system through a web interface provided by HPT. HPT ensures that only information relating to the system will be collected by Proxy and sent back to HPT SmartNOC for processing.

HPT will provide all the needed equipment (from servers, storage, and software...) for the customer's infrastructure. Monitoring and operation tasks will be performed by either the customer or an HPT engineer (through secure remote access).
3. Advanced Service On-demand

Building and developing specialized templates, monitoring them according to special requirements.

Establishing advanced features, adjustable UI, and alert messages according to requirements.

Ticket systems, management systems, automation systems, VoIP, ERP, CRM, Etc., are also integrated into SmartNOC.

Building/establishing server model/ specialized network is real-time monitored.

During SmartNOC operation, provide Q&A/guidance/resolve unwanted issues.

Human resources operation: HPT SmartNOC to assist customers, followed by contract and detail commitment (8x5, 8x7, 24x7). 


IT execution performance team is committed to ensuring throughout the operation.

Minimizing monitoring, detecting, alerting, searching, and resolving incident processing time.

Reducing investment and IT system operation costs.

Measuring the efficiency of the investment or operation.

Providing proper support, measurement, and reports that meet international standards: ISO27001, HIPPA, PCI DSS.


Secure information and a network connection between customers and HPT Corporation are crucial. Both links and the data flows must be encrypted. Publicly and transparently relating to collecting and processing data.

The system engineers on the involved team are constantly trained and updated to ensure the workflow consistency.

Ensure continuous communication throughout the process. The Servicedesk stands ready to assist and ensure the service quality remains intact. HPT also provides a user account so that the customer can follow their technical support requests.

Fully committed contract and the participants from both sides, with highly classified and secured information based on international standard ISO27001.

Organizations and businesses adhere to information security regulations, policies, and requirements.

Products, solutions, and services are evaluated regularly to ensure complete and secure information.