Security solutions and services


The Internet brings us closer together. Via Internet, the several of utilities are shared that also means many risks of information security are threatening users.

In the recent years, information security has become a hot topic, especially to organizations applying IT to run the business, information security is more and more important. For enterprises such as banking, e-commerce… it is even vital since only one information security issue causes loss of enterprises’ finance and reputation. Being aware of the necessity of protecting system security that organizations have gradually considered information security as a priority plan in the overall information technology system.

HPT Vietnam Corporation is an ICT service and solution provider within over 20-year experience, we have understood the challenges in information security and determined to be with customers applying latest technology, providing security services for the purpose of consecutive analyzing, monitoring and warning in case of security risks, then offer timely and effcient resolutions.


HPT implements security solutions and services that based on following security architecture:

The security solutions we provide for customers are based on an overall and uniform architecture in which their components not only work independently, perform their own separate functionality but also combine together for:

Establishing comprehensively security from perimeter, internal to the end-user.

Exploiting optimally security features against all system components.

Enforcing general security policies which simply administer, meet ISO/IEC27001, ISMS, ITIL… requirements.

Offering system self-recovery against forms of attack.



Web application firewall-WAF solution


- prevention from attacking web applications, monitor continuously web application systems and issue alert in case of vulnerabilities inside applications.


Web traffic management

Layer 7 protection(OSI model)

HTTP/S protocol monitoring

Application and data protection against illegal attacks

Deep analysis of packets from web service machine traffic.

Fraud detection solution


-Prevention from impersonating user, hijacking and using illegally transaction accounts over e-commerce and e-banking environment


Surveillance e-commerce and e-banking user’s behaviors.

Anti-stealing user’s identity based on information: transaction types, transaction payment, time, geographical location (IP address)…

Prevent abusive behaviors within the system: directly accessing to order-pages, using suspect environment variables.

Prevent suspect behaviors from online transaction system: using many times one payment card, paying many times from one IP address.


Database security monitoring solution


-Prevention from impersonating user, hijacking and using illegally transaction accounts over e-commerce and e-banking environment


  • Control operations in database, enforce strict policies.
  • Prevent abnormal behaviors based on self-study about normal database’s actions.
  • Detect and prevent attacks to database as a dedicated IPS.
  • Manage privileged accounts and user’s authorization on database.
  • Report database’s operation performance as loads, queries, and the most accessed objects, objects have issues in respond time…
  • Determine and recommend methods to handle vulnerabilities.

Data encryption - Data encryption solutio


- Protection of sensitive data by encryption formalities: folder/file/partition encryption…


  • Perform encryption in endpoint devices (laptop, smartphone, desktop…).
  • Encrypt local and network partitions at both file and folder level.


Unified threat management (UTM) solution


- Gateway protection, prevention from risks in Internet environment.


  • Lọc web
  • Web filtering
  • Intrusion protection system(IPS)
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Anti-Virus, anti-Spam
  • Service port filtering
  • Application and user control.

IPS and Anti-DDoS solution


- Dedicated appliance for preventing DDoS attacks.


  • Prevent formalities of intrusion
  • SSL offoad.
  • Prevent DDoS attacks.

Vulnerabilities scanner solution


-Vulnerability identifying, monitoring and resolution over the entire network system, server, operating system, database, application.


Provide comprehensive reports about vulnerabilities in the system.

Alert immediately when security vulnerabilities appear.

Assist administrator in customizing security system policies accurately, appropriately and timely

Integrate with other monitor and protection systems as IDS/IPS, firewall, web application… that constructs a security defense in depth system and tightly associates with security components.

Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus gateway solution


- Dedicated solution for blocking spam emails and preventing viruses.


  • SSL offoad
  • Spam email filtering
  • Virus-attached email filtering
  • Malware associated connection isolation

Transmission encryption and security solution


- Dedicated solutions for protecting several sites in a system, especially for multi-branch enterprises with high demand in transmission security.



  • Encryption from layer 2(OSI model); Ethernet, Fiber channel/FICON and SDH/SONET from 20Mbps to 10Gbps supported
  • Voice encryption
  • Fax transmission encryption

Malware monitoring and analysis solution


- Identify existing malware in system, integrate with gateway level solutions to prevent malware infecting system.


  • Detect and prevent APT attacks
  • Zero-day malware and vulnerability exploitation in documents
  • Network attacks
  • Email threats(phishing, spear-phishing): Bots, Trojans, Key loggers and Crime ware
  • Real-time monitoring, deep analysis based on an intuitive interface
  • Focused monitoring on high severity threats and valuable components
  • Provide system security information and resolutions


Access control solution


-Ensure compliance in system regulations and policies.


  • Ensure endpoints to comply policies before accessing system resources: update latest patch, install antivirus software…
  • Integrate with components to isolate non-compliance computers, automatically modify and enforce policies to non-compliant computers

Endpoint security solution


- Prevent security threats which are able to harm endpoints.


  • Data leak prevention
  • Anti-Virus/Spyware/…
  • Web filtering
  • Hosted-IPS
  • Data encryption
  • Application contro

One-time password (OTP) solution


- Enhanced user access protection.


  • Randomly generate password by time (30s, 60s…)
  • Integrate to IT infrastructure for accessing servers, network devices, databases, applications…
  • Forms of OPT supported as email, SMS, hardware token, software token…



- Centralized system log monitoring, analysis and management.


  • Collect logs from all system components: network, security device, server, operating system, application, database…
  • Automatically aggregate and analysis system logs
  • Timely alerts to administrator in case of system issues
  • Links events from different log sources

Privileged account management solution


- Monitor, manage privileged accounts in the system


  • All administrative accounts, privileged accounts are stored and encrypted in protected server
  • Monitor, control executive behaviors in the system when using privileged accounts to log on
  • Limit commands to execute for each account
  • Allocate account in a strict process

System security policy management solution


- Establish, manage and monitor security policies over the entire system.


  • Establish process, policy for risk management, issue management, change management, incident management…
  • Integrate with SIEM, VA,… for supporting administrator to implement appropriate security policy
  • Assess security policies against security standards to determine compliance status


Besides the above various sets of security solutions, HPT offers the security service with the following content

Penetration testing

- This service is performed via testing system’s security vulnerabilities, testing self-defense ability against attacks from external to internal, from internal users or enterprise’s partners.

  • Service comprises of surveys and assesses for following information
  • Network topology
  • Basic network devices (Router, switch…)
  • Devices, network security software (Firewall, IPS/ÍDS, VPN…)
  • Security policies
  • Server system
  • Backup and restore system

Total security consultant and on-demand security consultant service

  • Total security consultant
  • HPT performs survey in the overall system, analyses security risks and threats in specific detail, and then consults total security, suitable security investment process as well for customer’s system. On-demand security consultant
  • Depend on particular customer’s demand(e.g. endpoint security, application security or gateway protection,…) HPT surveys and analyses specifically relevant components, then consults detailed security solutions/services need deploying for the purpose of meeting customer demand.


  • Domestic and foreign companies and corporations have demand on enhancing information security to guarantee business operation
  • Enterprises compliance audit standards and information security certificates as ISO 27001, PCI DSS…
  • Enterprises expect to manage information security in a tightly process that brings them specific benefits
  • Enterprises are in system standardization and attention in information security.


With superiority as the leading company in information technology domain, HPT helps customers to assess and construct an information security system effectively with the most reasonable expense and time

  • Early detect threats and risks which customer’s system are facing and recommend effect and timely solutions
  • Enhance system security based on solutions consulted by HPT.
  • Optimize and standardize system as international standards
  • Increase self-defense ability when system faces threats.
  • Improve the competitive capability of enterprise, improve as well confidence from customers and partners for enterprise


  • HPT expert team are experienced in carrying out services and deploying security solution throughout Vietnam and abroad. Besides technique skills, HPT team also have the advanced certificates in information security as CISSP, CCIE Security, CEH, Security+, CCSE ...
  • HPT deployed advanced security solutions for customers: Vietinbank, Techcombank, Saigontech, TimeSquare, General Department of Tax, General Department of Customs…
  • The advanced security solutions and services are performed by security experts along with experience and tight implement process that ensure quality, security and time on customer’s demand.

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