Based on decades of accelerating ICT application throughout Vietnam, HPT aims to transform business management to digital transformation strategy, to build digital capabilities for HPT and HPT ecosystem.

HPT established partnership with Microsoft from the first days of Microsoft presence in Vietnam. From this milestone, HPT goes along with Microsoft closely in building practical success for enterprises and organizations throughout Vietnam.

We offer multi-sector holistic solutions built on the best practices and industry standards.


HPT has been partner of Microsoft since 2002. In 2005, HPT was honored to be one of the first Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft in Vietnam, strategic partner in implementing Microsoft Solutions and Services in Vietnam market.

In 2011, HPT became the Large Account Reseller – LAR and in 2013, HPT became National System Integrator – NSI of Microsoft in Vietnam.

In 2015, HPT continued to achieve many typical successes in providing Microsoft solutions and services with prestigious awards from Microsoft such as Platinum Partner Winner - Managed Resellers, Country Partner of The Year 2015, and the Licensing Solution Partner of the Year 2015. In 2017, HPT continued to win the prestigious award from Microsoft - Country Partner of The Year 2017.

From 2020, HPT became Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider 1-Tier - CSP Direct Partner. In 2021, HPT is the 1st Local Partner in Managed Security Monitoring Service - MSMS.
For many years, HPT has invested in building a professional engineer team, infrastructure, laboratory in order to research and thoroughly test Microsoft’s products and solutions. By our experience, capability and Microsoft’s support, HPT commits to provide the most suitable solutions and advanced technology, contribute to improve operational eficiency, enhance competitive edge for clients.

HPT is capable of developing, consulting, deploying, technical supporting… system solutions and services, IT infrastructure, operating and general management solutions for data center based on Microsoft products and technology for domestic customers and regions in various sector: Government Agencies, Banking – Finance, Insurance – Stock, petroleum, Manufacture, Education…

System Infrastructure Solutions

Solutions for Digital Transformation

•  Azure Cloud migration
•  Intelligent Security and Compliance
•  Transform employee experience in the Digital Workplace
•  Zero Trust security model with HPT Triple-A framework

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Zero Trust Security Model with HPT Triple-A framework

Today, organizations need a new security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the mobile workforce, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located. Old assumptions will not keep us secure in the new world. We can no longer believe everything behind the corporate firewall is safe. We can’t keep operating under the old principles. We need new principles. Zero Trust represents a general shift in the security strategy that reflects major changes in protected assets and evolution of attack techniques.

Transform employee experience with the Digital workplace

For years, Work Experience (WX) has been a key focus for organizations looking for a powerful competitive differentiator. Leading companies are starting to realize that delivering great WX is more easier when you have a strong Employee Experience (EX). Great WX enables and encourages employees to collaborate, develop their skills and be more productive.

Go transformation, seize success!

The modern work era with intelligent security and compliance

The growth of organizations requires IT systems to be scaled, this leads to the cybersecurity and information security risks. Realizing that these risks will affect the expansion and evolution of organizations, HPT offers the best security solutions to help organizations prevent the IT environment from cyber risks and information security threats on the cloud adoption journey. HPT solutions provide the protection for user identities, endpoint devices, from PC/laptop to smartphones, and even from Microsoft cloud to other 3rd-party SaaS applications integrated to IT environment of organizations.

Seamless migration with Microsoft cloud ecosystem

Let’s go forward, together. Get resources at every stage of your cloud migration, including tools and guidance to help you move, manage, and secure all your workloads.

Start your Cloud journey wherever you are!


Nowadays, IT plays an important role in every business processes of enterprises. IT management always faces with the problem that how the enterprise meet business needs such as: more effectively and quickly response to customer request: access applications, database from any device or anywhere, reduce downtime… moreover, security and safety of information of customer is a problem of enterprise. Trouble of losing data, leaking information affects to business productivity, causes serious damages.


Nowadays, email system has become a critical part associated with enterprise’s operation process. There are many options, such as: set up a new email system or upgrading, switching current system to a other’s one which is flexible, high integration capability, anti-spam, anti-virus, simple management, but still optimizes investment cost that is a big trouble of enterprises.


Microsoft Office 365 is a product suite and solution built and stored on the Cloud Computing platform (CCP) to enhance work performance through familiar Microsoft Office applications, accompanied by email applications, calendar sharing, instant messaging, business reporting, video conferencing, and file sharing.


ENTERPRISES aim to create competitive strength and flexibility for their business operations anywhere. That's why they are shifting towards cloud computing to improve their business operations. The question is how to propose a cloud computing solution with the best services to meet each customer's specific needs. 

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