IBM SOAR is a solution that helps businesses organize their response to incidents and attacks quickly, efficiently, and intelligently by 

Coordinating and automating response processes and incident handling to optimize security operations and incident response.

Flexibility to adapt to new developments in the incident investigation process by prioritizing event and task management.

Respond quickly to threats with smart scenarios built on the experience and knowledge of the company gained from many attacks.

Detailed and convenient investigation thanks to easy access to complete and important incident information anytime, anywhere.

IBM SOAR integrates bi-directionally with IBM QRadar, allowing organizations to detect and respond to security incidents with the involvement of Humans, Processes, and Technology

IBM SOAR enables the entire organization to collaborate and participate in the security incident response process, including security management teams, operations teams, HR departments, and business leaders, all through a single interface.

IBM SOAR provides pre-built elements based on international standards such as NIST/CERT/SANS, helping to create a complete, easily customizable incident response workflow for information security for the organization

IBM SOAR provides APIs that connect to the enterprise's existing security systems such as Firewall, IPS, Endpoint Security, WAF, etc., helping to quickly execute response actions to incidents detected by IBM QRadar SIEM 

With IBM SOAR, businesses and organizations can ensure that the most optimized processes are always ready to be activated when there is an issue related to information security. The incident response processes are built and easily customizable with elements such as incident types, phases, tasks, fields, workflows, scripts, and rules. All are modeled into clear and transparent scenarios (playbooks) so that the entire response team can work seamlessly together. Throughout the incident lifecycle, response outcomes are automatically and continuously updated in each stage of the playbook.

As a powerful tool to support the information security incident response team, IBM SOAR has the capabilities to meet the most stringent requirements of businesses and organizations:
Highly regarded by reputable organizations around the world such as the Ponemon Institute, the IBM SOAR solution has many outstanding advantages, such as:

Supports over 18 different types of incidents with recommended approaches to resolve each one, from malware to DDoS or device loss

Easily customizable with Dynamic Playbook: The scenarios in SOAR are "dynamic," where tasks, processes, data, and information are continuously updated according to the incident's progress. Components of the playbook (rules, workflows, scripts, etc.) can be reused for many different purposes.

Ability to integrate with hundreds of solutions and applications from different providers/developers to support the execution of incident response tasksTight integration with various solutions and technologies: SOAR is the central platform for incident handling, so it can integrate with other security solutions, allowing responders to gather information and take action faster and more efficiently.
Supports dozens of available threat intelligence sources, including popular sources such as IBM X-Force Exchange, VirusTotal, MaxMind, Cisco ThreatGrid, SANS ISC, and even custom sources.Automated and coordinated process: SOAR's workflows, rules, and scripts provide a high level of automation, such as initiating and updating incidents, collecting forensic data, searching for clues, and isolating/disabling compromised machines.
Enhanced collaboration and coordination among personnel in the incident handling process, across different departments and functions, including security operations, system operations, legal, marketing, HR, and leadership teams. All can participate and contribute to the incident handling process.

Incident status tracking: incidents can be easily and flexibly created in various ways, and continuously updated and tracked in detail, helping responders understand the incident's progress in each stage.

Incident modeling: security analysts can better understand the attack and the relationships between information and clues obtained in the incident response process when they are visualized in graphics.
Incident simulation: allows teams to easily test and evaluate the incident response process before implementing it in real incidents.

Reporting capabilities: the solution provides dashboard interfaces and analysis capabilities to represent incident, process, and result information in reports to leadership and operations teams.

With all the excellent features and superior capabilities mentioned above, the IBM QRadar SIEM and SOAR solutions are truly the key to building a next-generation centralized security monitoring system, which is a solid and reliable foundation that helps organizations move towards building an effective and secure SOC

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