Cyber Security Services

While the information security is evolving, organizations and enterprises still find it be difficult to detect, respond and handle cyber-attacks. The key reason is that they are pondering on information security in the traditional way. In order to ensure Cyber-Security, organizations and ventures are focusing on making their "castle stronger and moat deeper". This approach obviously does not work effectively without appropriate skills and services. So mindsets should to change into "the best defense is not only defense but offence". Knowing that, HPT assists organizations and businesses in ensuring their business security, privacy and continuity by providing cyber-security services that are designed to be simple, effective and aligned with the business needs of customers.


Managed Security Service becomes a trend of enterprise in security investment while threats are increasing and security self-defense is still not effective. There are clear benefits associated with outsourcing your cyber security as opposed to handling these problems internally.

HPT Managed Security Service (HMSS) provides comprehensive security monitoring on 24x7 organization’s system, alerts security threats and makes safety recommendations to enhance and protect the security of organization. As a result, the service helps organizations to proactively detect and mitigate risks that may occur to the system, improve the level of information security.

Typical Clients