Penetration testing service of HPT was granted title HCMC Typical service 2021

In the evening of December 20, 2021, the Ho Chi Minh City Business Association (HUBA) held a ceremony to honor 123 products and services from 96 businesses in the area that won the title "Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City in 2021”. HPT honorably has a service honored as Typical Service of HCMC 2021 – Penetration Testing Service. This is a result after the appraisal, cross check, market survey, selection of the Preliminary Council, selection of the Final Council consisting of HUBA members and experts from functional departments such as the Department of Industry and Commercial, Department of Science and Technology…

According to the Ho Chi Minh City Business Association (HUBA), the head of the organizing committee of the exhibition "Honoring Vietnamese goods - 2021", while preventing and controlling epidemic to ensure safety for workers, and operating business at the same time, many enterprises still constantly improve the quality of products and services, many new products and services are created, with good competitive advantage. In order to encourage enterprises to continue turning challenges into opportunities, promote the spirit of innovation, restructure production and business, improve product quality, develop sustainable brands, and enhance competitiveness, HUBA held a selection to honor "Typical Products and Services of Ho Chi Minh City" and held an exhibition "Honoring Vietnamese goods - 2021".

As in previous years, businesses participating in the selection "Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City" must meet the criteria of the organizers. An update in the general criteria for participating this year was "creative, innovative enterprises overcoming difficulties of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact ". This is the most important criterion and is scored up to 27/100 points.

Mr. Le Quoc Bao - Deputy Director HPT Cyber Security Center (HSE) - received the title Typical Service of HCMC 2021 for Penetration Testing service

Certificate of Typical Service of HCMC 2021 signed by Ho Chi Minh City Business Association (HUBA)

The selection "Typical products and services of Ho Chi Minh City" is held every 2 years and widely broaden to members and the business community in the city. This is the third selection aiming to discover and promote outstanding or potential products and services, as well as encourage building of HCMC brands.

Penetration testing service

Although protected by security solutions, the IT components such as servers, network devices or especially applications are still vulnerable to hackers and can be penetrated without much impediment by existing security solutions.

Therefore, penetration testing is used to check the defense capability against attacks from outside, from internal users or business partners is a proactive solution to enhance the security of enterprise IT system.

HPT provides professional Penetration Testing Services that are performed in compliance with international standards such as OWASP, ISSAF, OSSTMM… HPT security experts will use techniques and attacking scenarios as real hackers to perform a penetration testing to the system. Then we provide detailed reports of system weaknesses that can be attacked by hackers and potential exploited scenarios that can cause damage to business operations, give recommendations for handling vulnerabilities for enterprises to improve the security level of the system, in order to help enterprises to be proactive in early detection and prevention from security risks, to minimize damage from cyber attacks.