Optimizing the Operation of HPT SmartWares Warehouse Solution

Moving Warehouses "to the Cloud"

Warehouse operations are a critical activity in the business operations of any enterprise, whether it involves manufacturing, trading, or service provision. It encompasses the management and execution of storage activities, goods management, and the handling of inventory movement in a storage environment. Professional and intelligent warehouse management helps businesses save time, optimize resources, and enhance competitiveness in the market

The evolution of Software as a Service (SaaS) has brought technology closer to many businesses. The warehouse operations optimization solution – HPT SmartWares is provided to customers as a SaaS offering – software management service rental – based on the platform of the HPT WMS solution but optimized for immediate use by businesses without the need for significant infrastructure and personnel investment.

HPT SmartWares - Ready to Optimize Warehouse Operations for Businesses

The Warehouse Operations Optimization Solution – HPT SmartWares is an application software designed to control the movement and storage of items in the warehouse and handle related transactions, including receiving, put-away, picking, shipping, and inventory control.

The Warehouse Operations Optimization Solution – HPT SmartWaresis provided to customers as a software management service rental with a number of user accounts corresponding to roles suitable for the scale of the business, meeting all warehouse operation processes, managing inventory from simple to complex. Businesses can flexibly pay fees on a monthly/quarterly/yearly basis and easily upgrade and expand the scale of operations.

With monthly optimized costs, businesses maximize the features and efficiency of HPT SmartWares

Smart Operations with Many Outstanding Features

  • Intelligent warehouse storage, flexible picking rules: Supports rule configurations based on location types, flexibility for each item, diverse picking rules such as FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO, and many other specific rules.

  • Superb receiving and easy order tracking: Receive the entire order or just a part of it. Track order status through detailed reports.

  • Inventory management, no worries about losses: Visual inventory management with a warehouse diagram designed with images. Users can visually track locations with goods, vacant positions, and current inventory comprehensively and in detail.

  • Quick and easy inventory checks: Supports various flexible inventory check methods.

  • Simplified picking: The system automatically calculates and allocates item quantities according to established rules for optimal picking operations.

  • Order preparation with just a few steps: Supports multiple criteria for order synthesis by store, customer, etc.

  • Tight control of dispatch orders (DO): Dispatch orders are tightly managed, tracked, and recorded from planning to warehouse shipment.

  • Diverse reports from summary to detail: Import, export, and inventory reports display comprehensive information based on various criteria.

  • Visual tracking of expiration dates and shelf-life: Expiration date and shelf-life alerts provide general and detailed information for each item, allowing businesses to adjust plans accordingly.

  • Closer monitoring of warehouse operation activities: User actions are recorded and retrievable through the transaction log function.

Distinctive Experience with HPT SmartWares Solution

  • Short Deployment Time: Just 10-20 Days
  • Easy Scalability
  • Low Investment Costs, No Need for Server Investment and Some Other Supporting Infrastructure
  • Capability to Integrate with Other Systems (ERP, TMS, OMS, etc.) and E-commerce Platforms (Tiki, Lazada, Shopee, etc.)
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Adaptability to Various Business Industries and Enterprise Scales
  • Suitability for Different Warehouse Types: DL, 3PL, Cross-Dock, ..

Start Today with the Warehouse Operations Optimization Solution - HPT SmartWares

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