Mr Ngo Vi Dong - chairman of HPT attended the 3rd-anniversary celebration of the Anti-Fraud Project.

On January 5, 2024, at the 3rd-anniversary celebration of the Anti-Fraud Project (AFP), Mr. Ngo Vi Dong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HPT, and President of the Information Security Association in the Southern region, extended congratulations to the members of the Anti-Fraud Project. He praised the project's young generation for their notable achievements in the field of information security and technology in Vietnam as a whole. Mr. Ngo Vi Dong highly appreciates the contributions that the Anti-Fraud Project (AFP) has made to raising awareness within the community and identifying fraudulent activities committed by cybercriminals. Additionally, the project has provided significant support for the investigative and tracking efforts of legal authorities in cases of online fraud, resulting in substantial damage prevention.

Mr. Ngo Vi Dong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HPT, delivered a speech at the ceremony

Cyber fraud has now evolved into an industry with significant profit margins, no longer originating from individuals or small groups. According to experts from the Southern Information Security Association, there is a warning that "cybercriminals have curricula, psychological methods, and modern tools to approach victims. With a low awareness of information security, Vietnam has become a prime target for exploitation."

As a member of the Global Anti-Scam Alliance (GASA), the Anti-Fraud Project in cyberspace, initiated by Mr. Ngo Minh Hieu (Hieu PC), who is currently a specialist at the National Cyber Security Center (Ministry of Information and Communications), was launched at the end of 2020. The project consists of young and talented experts with the goal of serving the community, combating online fraud, and protecting Internet users.

The Anti-Fraud Project is entirely free, following the philosophy of community collaboration to protect the community. It combines various software tools and applies artificial intelligence/machine learning technologies to detect malicious websites, scams, and impersonations targeting Vietnamese Internet users. It undergoes in-depth verification to identify threats and is then added to the threat intelligence database (Threat feed API), aiming to prevent access and provide red alerts on browsers and antivirus programs.

After more than 3 years of operation, the Anti-Fraud Project has received support and assistance to over 25,000 victims of online scams, collaborating with numerous individuals, organizations, and major technology corporations. For its efforts and contributions, the project was honored with the "Top 10 Outstanding Products for the Digital Society" award in the "Make in Vietnam" program launched by the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2022. Furthermore, it continued to receive recognition at the 2023 Vietnamese Talent Awards under the category of "Social Contribution," led by the Vietnam Promotion Fund for Talents. The event was attended by Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Members of Anti-Fraud at the 3rd Anniversary Celebration

On this occasion, Anti-Fraud also collaborated with GASA (Global Anti-Fraud Alliance) to conduct a survey and publish the 2023 Vietnam Fraud Report and 2023 Asia Fraud Report.

The report shows that 70% of Vietnamese people have been targeted by fraud at least once a month, while only 1% of victims have recovered their money.

Although 55% of survey participants are confident that they can identify fraud, the amount of money lost to fraud in Vietnam is estimated to be up to 3.6% of the country's GDP.

For more details and to download the reports, you can visit the following links provided by HPT: