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Ministry of Information and Communications Issues Warning on High Risk of Ransomware Attacks, Urges Organizations and Enterprises to Strengthen Cybersecurity Solutions

On the evening of March 30, the Department of Information Security (Ministry of Information and Communications) announced that the trend of cyber-attacks, especially ransomware attacks, have escalated to an alarming level. Several information systems of agencies, organizations, and enterprises in Vietnam have been reported to have been attacked, causing disruptions to operations, material damage, as well as impacting their reputation, and compromising the safety of the national cyberspace.

In the document just sent to numerous agencies, departments, ministries, sectors, corporations, enterprises, financial institutions, banks, etc., Deputy Director of the Department of Information Security Tran Dang Khoa has proposed that these entities conduct a review and immediately implement a series of measures to ensure network security. From now until before April 15, it is necessary to review and enhance cybersecurity solutions for information systems, prioritizing early monitoring and warning solutions(According Tuoi Tre newspaper)

Why prioritize monitoring and early warning solutions?

By monitoring threats and data, organizations and businesses can detect early signs of attacks, control access, identify abnormal system changes, and implement preventive measures before serious consequences occur. With 24/7 monitoring solutions, businesses can respond promptly to abnormalities, providing early warnings to help organizations and businesses react quickly to threats and attacks, minimizing damage and system downtime.

HPT currently provides advanced and comprehensive monitoring solutions tailored to the needs and characteristics of businesses:

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In the advisory issued, the Department of Information Security also recommends that organizations should conduct checks and evaluations to ensure the security of information systems within their management scope. In case of identifying risks, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses, immediate measures should be taken, especially for systems storing and processing personal information and data.

The units are also required to develop implementation plans to complete information system security regulations according to levels, ensuring that 100% of operating systems are approved for safety levels no later than September 2024. Organizations need to assess the security of their systems and implement remedial measures as soon as vulnerabilities are detected. Additionally, plans for implementing information system security according to levels and enhancing monitoring and protection capabilities need to be developed. Furthermore, there should be contingency plans and backups of critical data to facilitate recovery in case of attacks. (According to Tuoi Tre Newspaper)

"The best defensive measure is indeed a proactive offense”

In addition to centralized monitoring and early warning of cybersecurity risks, businesses need proactive plans to closely inspect, scan for vulnerabilities, and proactively hunt down threats, "stay one step ahead" of cybercriminals to prevent potential intrusion routes. This involves actively patching vulnerabilities, addressing weaknesses, and enhancing security solutions to strengthen the systems of organizations and enterprises.

Penetration Testing Service - Assessing defense capabilities against external cyberattacks, internal user-initiated attacks, or attacks from business partners is a proactive solution to enhance the security of information technology systems. This service has won the exemplary service award from Ho Chi Minh City for several consecutive years.

Cybersecurity Assessment Service: scanning for security vulnerabilities, evaluating the security of configurations, reviewing malicious code, and providing cybersecurity training and exercises.

Integrated/ Deployment Services for Cybersecurity Solutions: assist businesses in addressing challenges in selecting cybersecurity solutions suitable for their specific needs through consultation, support, and deployment by experienced experts from HPT.

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