Microsoft Solutions for Digital Workplace

Today, businesses have been starting their digital transformation journey, focusing on 3 main goals: transforming customer experience, transforming operating processes and transforming business models. In the context of the current epidemic, solutions for digital workplace or setting up a remote working environment while ensuring flexibility, efficiency and safety are special interests. With the solutions in the product suite, Microsoft 365 will bring efficiency in the formation and optimization of the digital workplace. Meet the expectations and solve most of the problems that the business is facing.

The goals to be achieved of the digital working environment

The digital working environment revolves around 3 main goals to be achieved as follows:

Process digitization

Besides processes that seem to become familiar to most businesses such as HR, ERP, CRM… the daily paperwork processes of businesses also need to be digitized and automated. Helping employees save time and effort for daily repetitive tasks such as ordering stationery, applying for approval of documents, meeting rooms, booking cars, allocating and recovering resources,.... . So they have more time to focus on professional work, speed up production, reduce time and costs for incidental work.

Increase employees' digital tools

Employees need to be equipped with digital tools to be able to work anytime, anywhere, on any device, and information is always consistent. Create all favorable and easy conditions to connect with the team, share information instantly and create an effective teamwork environment. The ability to share knowledge is also made faster and more convenient.

    Improve efficiency and work efficiency

    Digitizing processes and automating repetitive daily tasks, increasing digital means leveraging and improving employee performance and efficiency. Thereby freeing employees from daily stuffs and focusing on professional work as well as implementing corporate strategies. In addition, with a modern working environment, data is stored centrally and easily analyzed and displayed through  specialized software to support all role levels to make quick and timely decisions.


    In addition to the three factors mentioned above, ensuring the safety and security of information for the digital office is also a must in the effective operation of the digital office.

      Digital Workplace optimization service packages





      Focus on migrating traditional infrastructure and applications to the Microsoft cloud (Microsoft Azure)

      - Standardization of infrastructure.

      - Investment roadmap

      - Help users easily connect, work in groups, freely create.


      Built on the highest security standards for cloud infrastructure and mobile devices

      - Ensure security, confidentiality, prevent data loss for digital workplace environment, mobile devices.


      Make the most of the applications available in the M365 suite that businesses have licensed

      - Take advantage of available applications.

      - Using a modern application platform to digitize business processes and develop more digital applications and utilities for the working environment.


      1.     Basic Package:Promote and standardize the digital work environment. The solution package focuses on migrating traditional infrastructure and applications such as email, office suites, and local storage at workstations to Microsoft Azure. Businesses can take advantage of the power available in the Microsoft ecosystem such as online email services (Exchange), cloud storage (onedrive), meetings, chat and online collaboration through Microsoft Teams. From there, creating a flexible working environment, connecting and teamwork becomes easy and convenient on any device. In addition, the solution also provides the most basic identity security capabilities, laying the foundation for businesses to easily develop to more advanced security packages.

      2.     Optimization package : Safety for the digital working environment: ensuring safety, security, and loss prevention for the digital working environment. The solution package is built based on the highest security standards for cloud infrastructure and mobile devices such as focus on access services, protection of mobile devices and applications on mobile devices, analyze and evaluate usage behaviors from which prevention attack scenarios can be developed. In addition, the solution also provides businesses with data assessment scenarios from which to form and apply appropriate technology to encrypt and prevent loss easily and effectively.

      3.     Utility package:Digitize processes and build digital utilities: make the most of the applications available in the M365 suite that businesses have equipped. In addition, businesses can use a modern application platform (power platform) to digitize business processes and develop more digital applications for a digital working environment. Integrate notifications, promote effective use of products that come with M365 such as Yammer, Stream, Planner, To do list, Power Bi...

      HPT's solution packages not only help businesses easily deploy, take advantage of and promote the existing services of M365, but also help businesses reassess the entire status of their infrastructure, thereby laying the foundation for their business. building a vision-based digital working environment with a clear and optimize roadmap.

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      If your organization is interested in or looking for a partner to consult and provide Microsoft Solutions for the digital workplace as summarized above, please contact HPT for an explanation. more about Digital working environment with Microsoft 365 solution and let us be of service.