HPT SmartWares: The solution to 3 challenging warehouse operation problems for Vietnamese businesses

HPT SmartWares: The solution to 3 challenging warehouse operation problems for Vietnamese businesses

The management of warehouse operations is always a complex and influential aspect of business activities. The significance of this operation is highly valued by businesses, including both medium and small enterprises, as a focus on logistics, fast delivery, and e-commerce has become a leading competitive advantage.

The business is facing numerous challenges in warehouse operations

Recognizing the importance of this operation and the challenges that businesses are currently facing, HPT has developed the HPT SmartWares Warehouse Optimization Solution - an intelligent and efficient warehouse operation solution built on advanced technology. The HPT WMS solution has gained the trust of many customers who have utilized the solution.

HPT SmartWares is a comprehensive solution for the three major challenges that businesses need to address:

Cost-saving is a crucial factor for businesses in choosing HPT SmartWares as a solution

1. Investing from scratch or starting with zero capital
Investment costs are always a balancing factor for businesses, especially in a period of economic volatility where cost optimization is a top priority. Developed as a Software as a Service (SaaS), HPT SmartWares helps businesses optimize a range of expensive costs such as server investment, infrastructure, software, long-term deployment costs – a significant expense that not every business has the financial capacity to invest in.

2. Breaking down the cost pressure into smaller components
With HPT SmartWares, businesses only need to pay a low monthly fee to access high-quality warehouse management features, saving resources and management efforts. Additionally, businesses can proactively scale their usage according to the actual situation, ensuring that financial resources are used most effectively.

3. Optimizing operational costs and inventory to the maximum extent
The application of this solution helps businesses operate more scientifically, saving operational costs, and human resources. HPT SmartWares allows businesses to easily monitor, check, and manage inventory levels, with the system automatically updating and reporting inventory status. This enables businesses to devise appropriate solutions for inventory management, minimizing production and inventory handling costs.

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The Efficiency Equation: HPT SmartWares technology precisely addresses each warehouse operational challenge

1. Intelligent, Modern, and Flexible Warehouse Operations
HPT SmartWares is the capability to optimize inventory, a solution that helps businesses manage inventory more accurately and efficiently than ever before. Barcode technology aids in the automatic and precise tracking and checking of goods, analyzing data to provide optimal recommendations for inventory management, ensuring that inventory levels are always sufficient and not excessive.

HPT SmartWares - Vận hành thông minh với nhiều tính năng nổi bật

2. Improving Customer Experience – Enhancing Competitiveness
Customers increasingly demand improved services, seeking an enhanced customer experience from the ordering process to delivery and receipt of goods. The solution accelerates the delivery operations of businesses, optimizing the initial steps in the operational management process to ensure that products are prepared fully, accurately, and dispatched promptly.

3. Easy Integration - Comprehensive Connectivity
HPT SmartWares is designed for businesses to use over the internet, allowing them to control, manage, and operate their warehouse with simple actions. The solution can be customized to fit the specific needs of the business and is capable of integrating with other systems (ERP, TMS, OMS...) and e-commerce platforms (Tiki, Lazada, Shopee…)

Catering to various types of warehouses (DC, 3PL, Cross-Dock...) and accommodating warehouse operations for diverse industries and business scales.

This helps business operations to proceed seamlessly and efficiently, reducing the time and effort needed to integrate and transition from legacy management systems.

4. Data Security - Ensuring Safety and Security
Data security is a crucial and indispensable factor in warehouse management. HPT SmartWares has integrated modern security measures to ensure that data related to inventory and warehouse management processes of businesses is always protected and kept confidential. It is committed to transparency, providing clear information before, during, and after usage. This helps businesses confidently manage data securely and comply with relevant legal regulations

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Experience and Reputation: With nearly 30 years of operation, HPT has consistently strived to provide customers with high-quality products, solutions, and excellent services, building a reputation and earning the trust of its customers.

Highly skilled and experienced team of engineers: With practical experience in implementing solutions for various customers across different industries and scales, in various fields, HPT engineers have a profound understanding of warehouse management operations and apply optimal solutions for business activities.

Professional Support and Services: HPT provides 24/7 support services, ensuring that customers receive continuous assistance whenever needed or encounter issues or incidents that require resolution.

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