Enhance business efficiency with HPT Smart Forms

High printing costs, time-consuming approval and data retrieval, and extensive storage space usage... Has your business ever faced these drawbacks when using traditional paper forms in daily operations? Paper forms used to be a familiar and traditional tool used in various business fields. However, we cannot deny that paper forms are becoming outdated, come with many limitations, and are no longer suitable for the digital transformation trend of modern businesses.

For these reasons, HPT Vietnam Corporation (Stock Code: HPT - UPCOM) introduces HPT Smart Forms - an intelligent electronic form solution developed by HPT in collaboration with technology partners. It helps businesses save time and costs while enhancing business efficiency. It can be said that HPT Smart Forms assist businesses in digitizing their documents, which is considered the first step for a business to embark on its digital transformation journey.

So, what is HPT Smart Forms and what can it do?"

HPT Smart Forms - The Smart Electronic Form Solution
HPT Smart Forms is a solution that rapidly, intuitively, and easily transforms paper forms into electronic forms. With HPT Smart Forms, users can access forms anytime, anywhere, on any device, meeting the demands of modern business in terms of time, processes, and management. Now, businesses can effortlessly create, manage forms and track them through a single software system.

HPT Smart Forms directly addresses 5 common pain points for digital businesses

  • Reduces time and cost in handling tasks: It saves time and costs associated with printing, storing, and transporting paper forms.
  • Optimizes resources and work productivity: Departments can focus more on specialized tasks, reducing administrative workload.

  • Maximizes workspace/storage efficiency: Minimizes the risk of loss or damage and easily integrates with other systems

  • Ensures information security: It is secured with passwords or encryption, protecting sensitive customer information and preventing forgery.

  • Enhances customer experience: Users experience quicker and more accurate processing, reducing the time spent on tasks.

Applications of HPT Smart Forms

Applications of HPT Smart Forms in various industries include:

  • Banking and finance: Account registration forms, contracts, customer feedback forms...
  • Healthcare: Patient information forms, prescription forms...
  • Education: Enrollment forms, assignments...

  • Food and Beverage: Contracts, partnership agreements, loyal customer management...

  • Business: Customer information forms, ordering forms, sales forms...

  • Human Resources: Recruitment forms, training, employee evaluations...

  • Administration: Leave request forms, payment forms...

Prominent features of HPT Smart Forms

  • Flexible form creation and building: Allows form creation with simple drag-and-drop operations, retaining paper format by easily importing from existing files

  • Smart form management: Supports form management by business groups within a single software and the ability to save and reuse form components

  • Multimedia support: Diversifies input options, including digital signatures, annotations, notes, attachments, and exports in various file formats

  • Easy data integration: Integrates seamlessly with other systems, both on-premises and on-cloud databases, including local and cloud databases, and can be combined with Business Process Management (BPM) systems

  • Professional conversational interfaces: Transforms complex forms into user-friendly chat interfaces on mobile devices, facilitating easy data entry with minimal effort

  • Real-time interaction: Allows customers and businesses to interact, synchronizing forms instantly across all devices, ensuring effectiveness and data synchronization

In an era where businesses cannot afford to stay out of the digital transformation race, optimizing paper forms and digitizing documents is a critical step for businesses to achieve higher efficiency and save both finances and time. HPT Smart Forms is not just a solution but also a powerful ally in supporting businesses in advancing their digital transformation and improving operational efficiency.

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