Hardware failures within your business core infrastructure can severely compromise operations, impact business continuity and productivity. But resolving unexpected failures, especially in legacy systems, depends on having the know-how, engineering resources and parts to enable a timely fix. And that can be problematic, especially when problems occur out of hours or at a remote geographic location. Worse still, you may find yourself having to address ‘end of life’ products that are no longer eligible for direct vendor support. Or be facing punitive charges for expensive OEM hardware support services on out-of-warranty products.

HPT offers a wide variety of technical maintenance services to maximize the availability of your IT infrastructure. Our services include on-site service, depot repair services, contract based service agreements and ad-hoc repair services. With available on-site technicians that are certified by all of the major hardware and software vendors, you can feel at ease knowing that your IT equipment will be supported throughout its lifecycle.

Finally, to ensure the quality and promptness of the services being provided, the processes and methodologies employed for incident reporting and problem resolution are continuously refined and annually audited as part of our ISO 9001/ISO 27000 certification requirements.