In the current era of digital technology development, managing and maintaining IT systems has become an important issue for most businesses and organizations. However, to be effective in managing and developing their IT systems, businesses need specialized employees with in-depth knowledge of IT. This requires businesses to spend a lot of time, resources, and costs on recruiting and training experienced staff in the field of IT.

With the development of full-service IT solutions, businesses and organizations no longer need to worry about training employees or managing their IT systems. Full-service IT solutions provide a range of IT services, including management, maintenance, and technical support for IT systems of businesses and organizations.

HPT's full – service IT solves all issues related to:

  • Evaluating the demand for IT services

  • Designing solutions.

  • Managing network systems: troubleshooting internet and internal network issues. 

  • Managing user accounts: ensuring end users can access with appropriate permissions. Managing email systems to ensure smooth operation and avoid spam and mail blocking.

  • Supporting hardware and software: ensuring stable operation and compatibility of hardware and software devices.

  • Managing printing systems to ensure proper operation and meet the needs of end devices in the enterprise.

  • Providing remote and on-site helpdesk support: ensuring timely and convenient support for end users. End users can receive remote support from our team of experts, and when necessary, we will be present on-site as promised.

  • The IT system always updates new technology and ensures that the IT system supports business operations to the best extent possible.

  • Using full – service IT from HPT Enterprises saves time managing multiple suppliers, reduces recruitment and internal resource training time.

  • HPT removes barriers to expanding IT service capabilities through the expertise and specialized knowledge of the HPT expert team.

  • Access to technology development roadmaps, best practices in information security, procurement and asset management, as well as advisory services at the CIO level.

HPT is committed to providing customers with the highest quality all-in-one IT services at reasonable prices, with a dedicated and professional staff. Our technical team will ensure that your IT system operates stably, securely, and efficiently. With the motto "customer first", we always listen and respond to the needs of our customers, while providing 24/7 customer support services to ensure that you are always supported in a timely and professional manner.

HPT aims to work with customers to build a strong, efficient, and secure IT system so that customers can focus on their core business activities without worrying about IT-related issues.