HPT core capacity

As a high level partner of leading IT manufacturers in the world with the team of trained and professional engineers, HPT has the capacity to provide IT solutions and services to optimize the efficiency of business results, management of organizations in many different industries.


    Our management objectives: HPT has always considered the two critical issues: Economics, market and the scientific and technical expertise as well technology transfer in order to keep pace with rapidly changing information technology and meet the increasing demands of customers.

      The method of management by objectives is one of the important factors to grow our company.

      HPT human resources, facilities and infrastructure to assist project implementation:

      Human resources are crucial to the success of the project. HPTconstantly invests in and builds forces to improve our professional staff, providing a favorable working environment for research and development work. Training is also focused to improve our professional competence.

      HPT's IT systems are designed and implemented based on standards. Our system uses networking devices, security solutions and servers from Cisco, HP to ensure thoughout security, with optimized characteristics such as:

      • Ability to support high mobility, allowing all employees to work on the IT infrastructure from anywhere.
      • Unified communications system is deployed to meet the communication needs anytime, anywhere with maximum cost savings.
      • IT application is always invested with priority to optimize the management process, product quality control- and strengthen competitiveness. All crucial application for business are deployed and utilized internally such as ERP, HRM, CRM, Sharepoint Portal, Shareholders Management …etc
      • The Information Security Management System follows ISO 27000 standard approach from policy to implementation and maintenance.
      • IT Service Quality Management System follows strict implementation of the framework ITILv3

      Project Evaluation

      After each project, Project Manager will evaluate the project based on ISO process as mentioned above. These results will be used in internal quality evaluation as well as management evaluation for related departments. The evaluation follows the categories: Customer satisfaction

      • Positive technical and financial effects that the project created for the customers and for HPT
      • Implementation engineers’ capabilities
      • Project time efficiency
      • System management documents (technical documents, acceptance documents, warranty documents, system maintainance documents) are processed following ISO standard during project duration
      • Project implementation with strict evaluation has helped HPT maintain control and efficiency of services provided to customers. Through project implementation experience and the presented data, HPT strongly believes that the IT infrastucture project implementation will be constantly improved and serve customers better.


    Project management plays a critical role in the success of a project. For each project, project manager will be appointed by the Chief Officer or the Board of Directors. Project manager is responsible for operating and project management during project implementation to ensure project schedule and quality. HPT has successfully implemented the project through the application process and project management tools developed by HPT:

    Project Management Process:

    HPT Project Manager requirements:

    • A professional qualification suitable for the project. This is based on evaluation of past experience, relevant qualifications, the contribution of consultancy and training, results for specific problem solving.
    • Ability in managing resources. Assessment based on: relevant experience, and efficient management, performance plans, goals.
    • Ability in coordinating, handling issues, knowledge of project management. Assessment based on: relevant experience, presentation skills, agility, quick in handlings situations, knowledge of professional competencies of other employees.
    • Having a good understanding of the customer. Assessment based on: past history and the specific tasks assigned
    • Understand the relationship with partners.
    • Trusted and respected by other employees.

    The standard project management plan of HPT

    Project management plan of the HPT (set by Project Managers)includes:

    • Human Resource Management: Demonstrating the organization, direction and control of resources to meet time and technical requirements of the project, including coordinating with partners to ensure appropriate human resources and techniques.
    • Work Management: Work frame clearly defines the steps of each process and progress efficiency of each individual and each business unit.
    • Time Management: Planning, scheduling specific tasks, implementation, control and assessment of time efficiency.
    • Cost Management: Including the financial control of the project effectively through the steps of valuation, assessment, budget, control, analysis, forecast and report on financial information.
    • Information Management: The process of transferring, screening, receiving and processing information in order to serve the entire process of project implementation.
    • Quality Control: In order to ensure that all aspects of the project and its results fully meet the specifications, a system diagnostic is carried out in accordance with agreed technical requirements.

    Project management plan also reflects the work of monitoring and controlling step-by-step project work. Strict control helps the project take place on time and ensures timely planning decisions when problems arise.


    HPT is aware of the importance of managing all activities in a professional manner. So, since 2000, HPT has implemented the Quality Management System and was the first Information Technology Company to receive the ISO 9002: 1994 certificate. Since then, HPT has been continually improving, building effective working procedures as well as regularly evaluating and upgrading according to the new ISO versions.

    In 2016, HPT has upgraded its quality management system to new standards and is certified by NQA ISO 9001: 2015.

    With its position as one of the leading IT companies in Vietnam, HPT always increases its service quality in providing IT solutions and services to domestic and foreign customers. From the beginning of 2013, in order to minimize the risk, to ensure the security of information and data of customers and HPT itself, the Company has developed and applied the Information Security Management System 27001.

    By 2015, HPT has completed upgrading its ISO 27001: 2013 certification and TUV NORD issued a new ISO 27001: 2013 certification to HPT in 6/2015.


    Many HPT specialists often enhance the professional competences by attending international training courses and obtaining many expert certificates.

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