1. Introduction of Quality Management in compliance with International Standard ISO 9001

HPT is always aware of the importance of professional process management. This is the reason why since June 2000, HPT has successfully deployed the Quality Management System. HPT is honoured to be the first IT Company in Vietnam to acquire the ISO standard. Since then, HPT is always investing to improve and build up more work processes, ensuring efficiency. Besides, HPT frequently evaluates and upgrades the quality management system according to latest ISO standards.

Quality management system of HPT is based primarily on the processes.These processes form a closed circle, joined together to form a system of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. HPT aims to ensure information flow between customers and the company continuously. All planning, operation and controlofour operations are based on themethodology PDCA (Plan - Do - Check - Act), always initialized afterthe requirements of the custmoers and finish once we aquiredcustomer satisfaction. This confirms the organizational capacity of the company as well as ensuringthat customers get high quality results and stability.That is the basis for sustainable development of HPT.

2. Building of Quality Management System at HPT
In June 2000, HPT’s Quality Management System has been certified to match the quality standard ISO 9002: 1994 in trade, service, installation and maintenance of information technology products by the International Certification Organization BVQI with Quality Certificate No. 68877. The United Kingdom Accreditation Service UKAS has accredited this assessment and certification of BVQI.

Since 2006, HPT has built a quality management system certified to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, in the areas of the following operations:
- Providing information technology products.
- Providing consulting services, designing and implementing IT application and solutions.
- Providing warranty services, maintenance and repair of information technology products.

In January 2010, HPT Company continued to improve workflow and TUV-SUD certified ISO 9001:2008. This is the upgraded version certified quality management system to replace the older version, thereforeimproving and increasing professionalization of allcompanyactivities.

In 2016, HPT upgraded quality management system in compliance with new standard and certified ISO 9001:2015 by NQA.

3. Quality policy

HPT always strives to become a modern and civilized organization with the ability of strong and sustainable development for the aim “Transfering advanced information and communication technologies to customers, for customers’ and HPT development as well as for Vietnam’s prosperity”.

Quality policy of HPT is for commitments:
- Customers: Provided products with standardized quality as requirements.
- Management and operation are in compliance with advanced management approaches.
- Human resources: Provided conditions to develop talent and spiritual life.
- Shareholders: Ensured the rights based on the control of HPT’s operation.
- HPT keeps enhancing competative advantage to upgrade to world class organization.
- HPT also concerns and participates in building a civilized and better society.
- HPT Board of Directors and all staff commit to maintain the quality policy above, determined to build the processes and quality standards appropriate to apply in all company processes. HPT is committed to continuously improving the quality management system and performing all work under the motto "do it right from the start".


1. Introduction of Information Security Management System in compliance with International Standard ISO 27001

As one of leading IT companies in Vietnam, HPT keeps enhancing quality in providing IT solutions and services to Vietnam and oversea customers. From 2013, HPT has formed and applied Information Security Management System in compliane with ISO 27001 standard. 

In April 2014, HPT was certified by TUV NORD that Information Security Management System is in compliance with ISO 27001:2005, for the scope:

- Consultancy Services for IT Solutions and Services
- Design & Deployment of IT Solutions and Applications
- Trading of Software and IT devices
- Warranty, maintenance & repair for IT products and system

In 2015, HPT upgraded ISO 27001 to version ISO 27001:2013 and TUV NORD certified upgrading of HPT in 2020.

2. Information Security policy

In order to ensure Information Security Mangament System operating effectively and smoothly, HPT commits:
- Organize Information Secuirty Board to ensure the operation, control, maintenance, improvement of Information Security Management System.
- In the scope of applying Information Security Management System, every information asset is listed, analized the related risks, and applied appropriate and effective risk management action.
- Risk will be audited by 3 aspects which effects information asset: confidentiality, integrity, availability.
- Maintain auditing risk periodically and auditing efficiency of management approach to revise and complete.
- Monitor acceptable risk and inform arised change to Information Secuirty Board and Board of Directors.
- Obey legal regulations and contractual terms related to Information Security.
- Compose organization and structure with right and responsibility for each role in Information Security Management System.
- Ensure all documents of Information Security Management System are available in need with appropriate access right.
- Organize periodical training of Information Security for related departments.
- Ensure adequate resources for operation, monitor, maintenance, improvement of Information Security Management System.