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HPT signed strategic partnership agreement with QTSC

On 17/12/2014, at Quang Trung Software City, the Ceremony of signing strategic partnership agreement between HPT and Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) was held. Representative of HPT, Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh - CEO – signed a strategic partnership agreement with Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien – Chairman and CEO of QTSC. The Ceremony had presence of Mrs. Dinh Ha Duy Trinh - Vice Chairwoman of HPT – and the Executive Board of HPT and representatives QTSC’s leaders.


CEO Dinh Ha Duy Linh signed the strategic partnership agreement with QTSC


HPT and QTSC had a good relationship from 2008, the new signed strategic partnership agreement once again affirmed both parties were strategic partners, enhanced cooperation in operation and providing services of QTSC and HPT to customers. With the prestige, capability of 2 parties, partnership of HPT and QTSC will create strong IT infrastructure, a sustainable power for the development, and exploit maximum opportunity, create business efficiency, increase competitiveness and position of each party in the future.

Leaders of HPT and QTSC congratulated the partnership


Founded in 2001, Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) is one of the key projects of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) development plan. It has been growing quickly to become the biggest software park in Vietnam.

With the total area of 430,000 sqm, QTSC has many functions such as software production, exhibition centre, accommodation, entertainment, etc. In addition to that, with pre-eminent infrastructure facilities, competitive office and internet rental costs, the environment and landscape are wonderful place for working, studying and living for 20,000 people in 2020.


QTSC has got a strong support link from both municipal and state government, and having benefit of many incentives to promote the IT industry from the government. Our responsibility is not only managing and developing QTSC but also supporting the IT companies and investors who want to do business in IT field in HCMC particularly and Vietnam generally.

After 14 years of development, QTSC has 121 ICT companies operating and 33 investors building infrastructure to serve the local activities. QTSC has become an attractive investment place for those who want to seek the opportunity of cooperation and development in IT industry. Some of the big names which are the domestic companies and multinational companies are HP, IBM, KDDI, SPS, Luxoft, TMA, Global CyberSoft, VinaData, etc. QTSC currently has 16,505 people studying and working here.


Until now, QTSC has been the first software park that received the Certificate of concentrated IT park by Ministry of Information and Communications. To expand the success of QTSC model, the HCMC People’s Committee is expected to establish the QTSC chain with 5 parks in HCMC and QTSC Dalat in Lam Dong province.


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