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HPT organized Annual Shareholders Meeting 2014

On 17th April 2014, HPT Vietnam Corporation organized Annual Shareholders Meeting at HPT Office – No. 3 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. This is the first Shareholders Meeting which is organized at HPT Office, the atmosphere of the Meeting is warm, formal and open.


At the Shareholders Meeting, Representatives of Board of Directors, Board of Executive shared with shareholders Reports of Board of Directors and Board of Executive, plan and strategies of 2014, in which HPT aims to strongly develop, gets remarkable achievement to celebrate 20th anniversary of corporation establishment in 2015.

Mr. Ngo Vi Dong – Chairman – reported performance of year 2013 from Board of Directors

Shareholders read Annual report 2013 and listened reports from Moderators

Reports of 2013 emphasized tough challenges of economics and market in 2013, effort to optimize operation, control budget, complete management, enhance partnership, develop market, develop new solutions, invest in ISMS implementation, maintain employees’ lives. As commitment with shareholders, in 2013 HPT maintained Vietnam leading ICT enterprise position with 06 awards from governmental organizations and ICT associations, accomplished business targets such as revenue 830 billion, EBIT 12.4 billion.


Mrs. Dinh Ha Duy Trinh – Vice chairwoman – answered shareholders’ questions

Shareholders raised votes to pass reports of Moderators


In 2014, aiming to keep sustainable development and ensure benefit of shareholders, HPT planned to grow 25% than 2013, revenue 850 billion, EBIT 16 billion. Besides, Board of Directors, Board of Executive planned to optimize management, operation, activities, develop market, do business strongly by develop sales force, enhance sales effectiveness, develop new business units, monitor and enhance human resource, public relations and information system. Board of Directors also shared with shareholders development strategies of HPT from 2015 to 2020.


Through Shareholders Meeting, shareholders openly shared ideas and suggestions with Moderators, which related to all aspects of operations and development, expanding market, focusing R&D and investment for future. 100% of shareholders agreed to invest in High Technology Park this year and passed operations plan of Board of Directors, profit allocation plan and fund creating.


Shareholders raised questions to Moderators

Shareholders raised questions to Moderators


The Annual Shareholders Meeting 2014 of HPT ended in eager atmosphere and determined for 2014 plan. Shareholders visited the new office and took picture with Board of Directors, Board of Executive.


Shareholders visited HPT Office

Shareholders visited HPT Office


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