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FVH selects Microsoft EA solution provided by HPT to modernize the hospital

 FV Hospital has always pioneerly deployed the state-of-the-art IT solutions to deliver the best service possible in Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City, 5 June 2014– Today, Microsoft Vietnam and FV Hospital have officially improved its close partnership to a new level by signing the Enterprise Agreement (EA) between two sides. This agreement signing ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City involves the presences of Mr. Vu Minh Tri- CEO of Microsoft Vietnam, Ms. Phan Tu Quyen - Director in charge of Foreign Enterprise Division, Microsoft Vietnam, Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon - FVH’s CEO, Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh, HPT CEO and Ms. Vo Thuy Cam Tuyen - HPT Chief Business Officer as well as the other partners, local and international media and press agencies.


Under the Enterprise Agreement (EA) signed with Microsoft, FV has signed a cooperative agreement to  get the official Microsoft license to apply Microsoft solutions, including office software, server system, software utilized for internal communication, data storage on server.


Representatives of Directors of FV, Microsoft and HPT signed agreement


Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon, FVH’s CEO said: "Vietnam signed the WTO Agreement (World Trade Organization) and is supposed to enforce intellectual property rights and licences. However, Vietnam so far is one of those countries where one could buy any software at a low price because either they were copies, or originals but nobody would pay any licence. Microsoft has been fighting to have people using their licensed software to actually pay for it instead of doing what we have been doing for years, using those software for free. As we are THE international hospital of Vietnam, we have decided and must be irreproachable in terms of respecting laws, treaties and agreements, and that we have to regularize our relationship with Microsoft. So we have agreed on a deal on getting licences on Microsoft software to all computers of FV Hospital. We will become one of the few companies in Vietnam fully abiding by the terms of the WTO agreement when it comes to software used by our company".


Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillon - CEO of FVH delivered speech


"Microsoft is pleased to learn that FV Hospital chooses our advanced services and solutions. Microsoft Enterprise Agreement ensures that our organization and enterprise customers receive industry-leading solutions in technology and system standardization. In addition, Software Assurance package provides many key benefits such as free upgrades to the latest version of Microsoft software within the effective period, as well as diversified options to help users use or implement products effectively and make additional or new purchases. As a result, our customers can simplify management tasks as IT management is unified under one single contract," said Mr. Vu Minh Tri, CEO of Microsoft Vietnam.


Mr. Vu Minh Tri - CEO of Microsoft Vietnam delivered speech


At the ceremony, Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh - CEO HPT added, " Microsoft will partner with HPT to provide support in operating and improving Microsoft software used by FV Hospital. In addition to value-added benefits and ongoing technical support, FVH's IT officers are offered further technical assistance to ensure optimal deployment of new Microsoft products in their work”.


Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh - CEO of HPT Corporation delivered speech


Enterprise Agreement is also the best contract form that allows Microsoft customers to become familiar with and easier transition to cloud solutions, such as Office 365 - a cloud-based system recently launched in January 2014, which offers office solutions to help improve productivity at work.


Moreover, Microsoft's innovative solutions enable enterprises and hospitals, namely FV Hospital, to improve system protection, save time and costs, improve service quality and professionalism, as well as maintain the stability and capacity of system security. According to the Security Intelligence Report volume 16, Microsoft products have advanced security technologies with higher level of security, which makes hacks more difficult, complicated, time-consuming and expensive, thus less attractive to cybercriminals.



Representatives of Directors of sides answerred questions from Journalists


CEO Dinh Ha Duy Linh was interviewed   


FV Hospital

Internationally, FVH is renowned as a leading hospital offering world-class healthcare in Vietnam. For patients in Vietnam, FVH is recognised for its commitment to its slogan ‘Belief in Medical Ethics”. FV Hospital is the first healthcare provider in Vietnam to issue a Code of Medical Ethics and has a zero tolerance policy to all forms of corruption and bribery in healthcare.


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