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HPT summarize 2011 and mobilize plan 2012: trust submerge

On January 12th, 2012, at Palace hotel in HCMC, HPT Corporation organized summarization event year 2011 and mobilize the plan of 2012 in satisfaction to welcome 17th birthday anniversary and the new year 2012.


Mr. Dinh Ha Duy Linh, CEO, announced at the Summarization Event Year 2011 of HPT

According to the world & Vietnam economy experts, the year of 2012 is more challenges and difficulties, therefore, all HPT team need to make detail plans & activities. Besides, HPT employees should be improve positive working attitude to get embattled with challenges ahead.



2012 is continue the year for building “Application Solution & Services” of HPT. This shows HPT high level determination for growing 2 key objectives. This is also the strong steps coming to international level that HPT must tend.

Sale objective that HPT planed in 2012 is 900 VND billion with 126 VND billion gross profit and 30 VND billion interest.

Year-end summation event finished successfullly and brough a new belief and stronger aspiration and determine in the year 2012. In the 17th anniversary atmosphere, HPT managements & staffs sang together the magnanimous traditional song “HPT marching song” to affirm HPT’s determination


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