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HPT welcome age of 17

On Jan. 13th, as annually,HPT Corporation welcome one more new age. Addingone more year of growning-up and stronger with trust and aspiration to affirm on regional and international information technology market. This year, HPT is 17 years old.



Trust and aspiration are not only instance in capability and capacity of many yearsof experience experts but also instance inHPT human culture identity. In this birthday occasion, many activities was organized jubilantly towelcome HPT corporation’s birthday. Many internal events wereorganized such as karaoke contest, programswith many teambuilding activities and interesting football matches.



Closingan entirely birthday for age of 17, HPT members from HCMC & HN spenta lot ofexcellent momentsafter a hard working year. In the new year, although standing in front ofmany difficulties, challenges HPT is also determinein“Building HPT to become a world class ICT and software development company”and humanity, harmony culture value.



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