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“Flexible Workstyle” with Microsoft solution


On Dec. 15th, 2011 in HCMC, Microsoft & HPT Corporation coordinated to organize “Flexible Workstyle” program for introducing solutions and technology oriented flexibility, manifold and mobile when user work to through IT equipment.



Inconsistent technology and development trend at many areas leading to “unequal” technology, or simple is the “unequal” equipment between enterprises, organizations & even between countries. The unidentical technology certain make many obstructs & inconvenients for users. That the reason Microsoft & HPT coordinated to organize “Flexible Workstyle” program.



HPT is not only co-organize but also to contribute program content. Besides, Microsoft Solution Engineer of HPT presented the solutions through of demo on different IT equipment such as consistency management & effective working on every equipments or optimize changeable virtual infrastructure server, etc.


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