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Vietnam Information Security Day 2011


On November 18th, 2011, the major workshop of Vietnam Information Security Day 2011, themed “Digital information security - the foundation of strong IT nations", took place in the New World Hotel, HCMC. The workshop was hold by the Southern Branch of Vietnam Information Security Association and The Department of Informations and Communications under Hochiminh City People’s Committee.


The Workshop themed “Digital information security - the foundation of strong IT nations” raised some extent the important role of information security nowadays. Information security has been more conscious when the “digital” attacks has been organized on purpose and become more and more progressive. Mister Lê Thái Hỷ, Director of The Department of Informations and Communications, confirmed “Information security is not only a hack attack on website or an account attack, but the peace of people and the national security.


At the workshop, Mister Trần Viễn Chinh, an Communication and Information Security Engineer of HPT, presented the topic of “Mobile Device Security”. His presentation attracted the amount of participants’ consider and built up a total picture of Mobile device security today, as well as shared the most optimized ways for preventing risk.



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