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HPT employing data security solutions to leading enterprises in Vietnam


On 19 October 2011, HPT introduced to customers in Hanoi the business information security solutions - IBM InfoSphere Guardium. This solution helps organizations and enterprises of all sizes solve the challenges of security and protection of information as well as databases, which help enterprises maximize strategic information assets.



IBM InfoSphere Guardium provides databases management and administration, notably through the ability to identify and localize different regions of information and thereby permit access to an individual or a certain group within the organization. InfoSphere Guardium technology helps customers protect data, monitor the operation of the database and reduce operational costs by automating tasks to ensure compliance with regulations. It also maintains the infrastructure of reliable information by continuously monitoring access and operation to protect important database against risks caused by invalid users or hackers.


Beside security, InfoSphere Guardium provides customers information and the ability to top control while exploiting the advantages of automation, ensuring the ability to fast return on investment. In particular, InfoSphere Guardium solution can integrate with all IT systems using different databases, but they will be optimized with running on the platform IBM DB2 database. This is a great advantage to reduce set-up costs and organizations - businesses can be more flexible to apply InfoSphere Guardium into database systems. On 08 October 2011, IBM also collaborated with HPT to introduce enterprise data security solutions in HCM City.


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